‘Poldark’ Season 3: Latest On BBC, PBS Air Date — Plus, Updates From The Cast

Anticipation for Poldark Season 3, and the announcement of its BBC air date, and PBS Masterpiece premiere, is growing stronger by the day. To help tide you over, here is what is known so far about Poldark Season 3; from the speculated air date, to updates from the cast.

Has Poldark Season 3, wrapped principal photography?

That is one of the most crucial clues to helping narrow down when Poldark Season 3 will premiere. The good news is that it seems the answer is yes.

In early February, actress Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays Demelza Poldark on the hit series, told Radio Times the cast and crew had “one week” left of filming on Season 3. Further signaling that Poldark is in post-production was a recent Instagram post by actress Gabriella Wilde, who plays heiress Caroline Penvenen. In the caption, she states that she is in the studio working on her Poldark post-production duties. That was on March 13.

When will Poldark premiere on BBC?

Last December, Digital Spy speculated that Poldark Season 3 could premiere as soon as the spring of 2017. With spring quickly approaching, it is unclear how likely that still is. In October, Radio Times had speculated similarly, citing BBC’s possible desire to avoid another scheduling conflict between Poldark and fellow Mammoth Screen production, Victoria.

As of now, there has been no official announcement. As for how many episodes there will be in Season 3, Digital Spy confirms there will be nine in Poldark Season 3.

When will Poldark Season 3 air on PBS Masterpiece?

It all depends on when Poldark premieres on BBC. There is a delay between when the BBC and PBS Masterpiece audiences see the series. The Season 2 finale of Poldark aired on BBC, November 6, while Season 2 finished airing on PBS Masterpiece on November 27, 2016.

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In Season 2, there was only a three-week gap between the two broadcasts. So if Season 3 stays the course, Poldark fans watching on PBS Masterpiece, could theoretically only have to wait a few more weeks to watch the third season unfold.

What does Gabriella Wilde’s Poldark Instagram photo, hint at?

While the actress’ Instagram post confirmed the end of filming on Poldark Season 3, or at least her part of it, it also gave fans a telling glimpse into the next season. In the picture of footage from the series, Ross (Aidan Turner) appears to be putting his arm around Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), as a woman (presumably Caroline Penvenen) wearing a cape with the hood pulled up, approaches them with flowers in her hand.

The picture might suggest a newfound tension between the trio in Season 3. At the end of Season 2, Ross learned that Caroline was his secret benefactor, and responsible for freeing him from George Warleggan’s financial grip. Grateful, he thanked her directly and arranged for her to reunite with her star-crossed love, and Ross’ best friend, Dr. Dwight Enys (Luke Norris). Caroline and Dwight reunited in the Season 2 finale.

Fast forward to Season 3, and Ross’ protective stance hints he is shielding Demelza from Caroline. The usually friendly Demelza is uncharacteristically avoiding eye contact with her, looking away. Does something drive a wedge between the Poldarks, and the new Mrs. Enys in Season 3? Stay tuned.

What is the mood of Poldark Season 3?

According to Eleanor Tomlinson, Season 3 will take on “darker tones.” As fans know, Poldark Season 3 is primed to be a dramatic one. When Season 2 ended, Ross had barely won back Demelza, who was about to leave him with their son, Jeremy, in tow.

After making a passionate speech in which, he finally expressed remorse for cheating on his devoted wife with former flame, Elizabeth (Heida Reed), Demelza decided to stay and the two shared a timid, yet tender embrace, in the season’s final moments.

[Image by Adrian Rogers/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE]

What about last season’s Poldark cliffhanger?

While Ross was able to win back his wife, and keep his family together, a dark cloud loomed. In the finale’s closing moments, Elizabeth talked to Ross’ Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston), and Agatha cryptically suggested that Elizabeth and George’s baby could come “sooner.” The comment helped stir fan speculation that Ross was the biological father of Elizabeth’s baby, and not her husband, George (Jack Farthing).

However, it is hard to understand how that could be the case. Elizabeth asked George for a one-month postponement of their wedding after her encounter with Ross. So how had she not figured out there was a question surrounding the paternity of her child, until Aunt Agatha mentioned something?

Aunt Agatha’s suggestion seemed to take her former “niece-in-law” by surprise. Plus, Ross and Demelza knew about Elizabeth’s baby when Season 2 ended, and neither of them seemed to think there was a possibility Ross could be the father. It is possible Agatha was suggesting a lie to draw Ross back in to Elizabeth’s orbit. Ross’ aunt has made no secret of her wish that Ross will reunite with Elizabeth, and lead their household.

What happens between Ross and Demelza in Poldark Season 3?

While fans wonder about the paternity of Elizabeth’s baby, they can rest assured there will be lots of drama between Ross and Demelza in Season 3. When asked by Radio Times to give fans a “flavor” of what to expect in Poldark Season 3, Eleanor Tomlinson teased, “Lots of love and romance, and lots of challenges that are coming for Ross and Demelza.” How will Ross and Demelza handle Season 3? Find out when the new season of Poldark airs on BBC and PBS Masterpiece, sometime in 2017.

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