New Day May Be Absent From Next Week’s ‘Raw’

WWE found itself in a bit of a pickle when WWE superstar Paige had her nude photos and other explicit videos leaked online. They are unlikely to fire her, though. Much like Seth Rollins, and much more recently, commentator Tom Phillips, things were leaked from their private lives, which WWE has no control over. As such, WWE has no grounds to fire Paige. After all, she was the victim in this scenario. These photos were stolen and released without her consent.

Still, WWE has a PG image to maintain. While Brad Maddox, who appeared in a few of the videos, is no longer with the WWE and out of their reach, a superstar who is still on the roster also makes an appearance in one of the videos. Xavier Woods, one third of merchandise juggernaut staple The New Day, is one of the more popular superstars on the roster, with him appearing almost every episode alongside fellow New Day members Big E and Kofi Kingston. According to former WWE writer Brian Mann, the trio should be kept off TV for the next episode of Raw.

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Unfortunately for Woods and WWE, their next episode is set to take place in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is a notoriously active and boisterous crowd. While this leads to exciting pops and great cheers, it can also lead to less-than-savory chants. Last year’s SummerSlam took place at Brooklyn in the Barclays Center. It was there that the WWE Universal Championship was revealed, and the crowd jeered it. They chanted things such as “Delete,” and “That belt sucks.” Many felt that the chants took away from the match, which was seen as quite excellent, despite Finn Balor getting injured halfway through. Balor later revealed that he was initially disheartened because he thought the crowd was chanting “Balor Sucks.” After SummerSlam, Seth Rollins, who was present at the unveiling of the belt and fought against Balor for the title, tweeted that he was “let down by Brooklyn.”

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Many are expecting that if Woods makes an appearance in Brooklyn, possibly vulgar and obscene chants will be heard. Hopefully nothing racist or derogatory, but the chants will most likely be centered around his participation in one of Paige’s videos and his relations with her. Seeing as children will be in the audience, and that they are the main audience of the New Day, it is most likely that they will be kept off TV for as long as they are in Brooklyn.

After Raw is held in Brooklyn, they will go to Philadelphia, which is another particularly rambunctious crowd. They were the ones who booed Roman Reigns when he won the Royal Rumble match in 2015. They also booed The Rock, who made an appearance and helped save Reigns from Rusev, Big Show, and Kane. It is unclear what WWE’s plans are for The New Day, as they will be heading to areas with lively and passionate fans. While New Day is not currently in a feud with anyone else, they will be hosting WrestleMania 33 in Florida, so they will most definitely be there. As for the episodes of Raw leading up to the Show of Shows, it is currently unknown.

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