Kate Middleton Seeks Motherhood Advice, William Enjoying Last Months Of Freedom?

The royal rumors have been swirling ever since Prince William took a solo ski trip without Kate Middleton. The prince took off to Switzerland this past week to tear up the slopes and party with a group of friends. It was a very controversial decision on the part of the royal who is second in line for the throne seeing as it meant that he missed Commonwealth Day services which are a big deal on the calendar of Queen Elizabeth II.

Neither William nor Kate were present at the services and reasons for their absence has led to speculation, especially since the prince was spotted in a video partying at a club in Switzerland alongside women other than his beautiful wife. Unfortunately, the speculation has included rumors that William is having an affair, yet these claims have been stamped out as false.

However, as Vanity Fair recently noted, Kate Middleton was none too pleased with her husband for his behavior on the solo ski trip. The beauty likely felt a bit overwhelmed as well while she was left behind to care for their two children, and recent rumors suggest that Middleton is finding motherhood a bit more challenging than she had anticipated, especially now that Princess Charlotte is on the move.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry shares about the details that have suggested that Middleton has been turning to the online community of mothers for support and advice about parenting.

“Prince William recently revealed that Kate might be using online parenting sites like Mumsnet for help with trivial everyday parenting issues.According to reports, both Prince William and Kate Middleton were talking about the challenges of modern-day parenting during a royal engagement at the new Ronald McDonald Evelina House in London.”

It was at this event that Kate and William met the co-founder of the site Mumsnet Justine Roberts and the prince reportedly told Roberts that the duchess may “well be” a visitor to the parenting site when he was giving Roberts an award for her services to the economy in Britain.

Justine’s words were noted by the Mirror regarding the chat she had with William.

“We speculated as to whether the Duchess of Cambridge was a Mumsnetter. I suggested that a lot of conversation (on the website) was about feckless husbands but said ‘don’t worry because it is all anonymous.”

Despite claims that Kate is looking to the net for advice and support, Prince William spoke openly about his own struggles with adjusting to being a father, which reminded the world that the royal is merely human. AOL reminds of the words William spoke in an interview back in the fall.

“I’ve struggled at times. The alteration from being a single, independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing. I adore my children very much, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and about family just from having my own children. It’s amazing how much you pick up in just those moments.”

The royal couple are surely busy with their adorable little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and the family is set to move to London later this year where they will reside at Kensington Palace. The purpose of the move is said to be so that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can take on more responsibilities from the ageing queen who was quite sick earlier this year.

Since William’s embarrassing behavior was caught on camera, reminders have surfaced that Queen Elizabeth has been much more active in royal duties this year, despite her illness. The queen has appeared at 24 royal events while Prince William has only appeared at 13, as AOL previously shared. Perhaps William is getting his partial freedom out of his system now before taking over many of the responsibilities following the fall move to the palace.

[Featured Image by Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images]