Hilarious Video Shows What Twin Toddlers Do After Their Parents Put Them To Bed

What do twin toddlers do after the lights go out at bedtime?

As one viral video shows, they go on an extended adventure of building forts, jumping in and out of cribs, and having what appears to be a late-night chat on their couch.

A video hit the internet this week showing the adventures of two twins after their parents put them to bed, and the hilarious footage quickly went viral online. It was recorded by a home surveillance camera and showed the twins put down in their own cribs with light-up mobiles to keep them busy until they fell asleep.

That apparently wasn’t enough entertainment, because the twins quickly climbed out of their cribs and onto the couch, then gathered all the pillows together and created a fort — and repeated the process again and again and again, until their parents finally came in to put them back into bed.

The twins waited a while after their parents had left and then repeated the process, rolling around on the floor and jumping into pillows. Mom and dad paid another visit several minutes later, but the twins were back at it as soon as they left, sitting together on a couch in the room for a few minutes before finally deciding to get into their cribs and go to bed.

The full video can be seen below (it may be triggering for parents of twins, however).

This is not the first viral video to show the amazing connection between twins, even when they are still toddlers. A few weeks ago, a video from Utah showed 2-year-old twin boys who were playing in their room when a dresser toppled over onto them.

As NBC News noted, the home video showed one of the boys being trapped under the heavy furniture.

“The video, captured on home surveillance footage last Thursday morning, shows Kayli Shoff’s pajama-clad twin boys climbing onto a wide Ikea dresser in their room. As 2-year-old brothers Brock and Bowdy jump on the dresser and hang from its drawers, the furniture comes crashing down, pinning Brock’s entire body underneath and catching Bowdy’s feet.”

But the amazing moment is what came next. Bowdy was able to free his feet from the fallen dresser, then lifted up the heavy furniture to allow his brother to free himself.

“If you watch the video, I think he stops for about eight to 10 seconds and kind of analyzes the situation: My brother’s crying, he’s hurting, how can I help him?” the twins’ mother, Kayli Schoff, told NBC News.


Kayli added that Bowdy’s amazing effort was even more significant given that she hadn’t heard anything.

“And that was the weird thing, because I always hear them cry or scream. We also had family staying with us and their room was right above Brock and Bowdy’s room, and they didn’t hear anything either,” she said.


The video of Brock and Bowdy went viral, garnering millions of viewers across news stories and social media.

The new video showing the twin toddlers having an extended playtime after bedtime has also gone viral, with news coverage across the country and shares across social media. There’s no word from the parents on how often the twins go on their late-night adventures, but mom and dad may be too exhausted to comment much about it.

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