New TLC Series ‘Nate & Jeremiah By Design’ Features Stunning Home Makeovers

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are coming to TLC to help homeowners transform their homes and their lives. Nate & Jeremiah By Design will feature the husbands as they take on a different and challenging home overhaul each week. TV Series Finale shared that this dynamic and talented duo works with families who have gone over their budgets and timelines trying to do major renovations on their own.

According to People, viewers will get to follow Nate (45) and Jeremiah (32) both inside and outside of the home as they juggle married life, run their respective design businesses, raise their adorable young daughter, Poppy, and work their magic on Nate & Jeremiah By Design. Although the couple loves what they do, TLC shared on the Nate & Jeremiah By Design page that, “The joys and challenges that Nate and Jeremiah encounter professionally are nothing in comparison to those faced in their most important job, as fathers to baby Poppy.”

Turning renovation disasters into dream homes is the ultimate goal of Nate & Jeremiah By Design. In each of the eight, one-hour episodes, Nate and Jeremiah work with desperate and frazzled homeowners who have taken on too much and are now in over their heads. Their plan is to rework each failed project, taking into account the homeowners’ lifestyle and what personal touches they would like to have in the design while keeping an eye on the budget. Besides building a practical but stylish space for the homeowners, Nate and Jeremiah search for unique and special design pieces that will bring plenty of character and charm into each home they work on.

During the premiere episode, Nate and Jeremiah come to the rescue of homeowners Brenda and Scott, who feel trapped in the construction zone that was once their house. Brenda and Scott are thrilled when Nate and Jeremiah show up on their doorstep, but as they struggle to make an important executive decision, the designers take control of the renovation. With a $40,000 budget and a little help from friends, they use their talent and impressive design skills to turn the old money pit into Brenda and Scott’s dream home. As they tackle the massive project, personal life intrudes somewhat as they struggle to make time to finish moving into their new Beverly Hills home with Poppy.

On this season of Nate & Jeremiah By Design, everyone has an opinion, including Poppy, when it comes to home renovation and design. A sneak-peek trailer for Nate & Jeremiah By Design reveals that at times emotions can run high for both the clients and the veteran designers.

“Shocking as this may seem, Jer and I don’t always agree on every single design decision,” Nate remarks in the clip.

Despite disagreements or other issues that arise, fans of the Brent-Berkus design gurus will undoubtedly love what the couple creates. Most of the homes they renovate are not small projects, but often require quite an overhaul to give clients the home of their dreams. If the reveals are any indication, and based on jubilant client reactions in the clip for Nate & Jeremiah By Design, it is safe to assume that the homeowners are more than pleased with the final results.

Are you a fan of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s designs? Will you be watching their new series? During the season, viewers can head over to for bonus video and behind the scenes content, or join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #NandJByDesign. Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Nate & Jeremiah By Design premieres on April 8 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured Image by TLC Channel]