WWE News: WWE Unlikely To Fire Paige Over Nude Photo And Video Leaks

It is sad to report that WWE Superstar Paige was recently involved in an iCloud hack that resulted in nude photos and videos hitting the internet, which led to many wondering if it would result in Paige being fired from WWE. WWE fans were shocked to see these private videos and images hitting the internet, and the topic of discussion had to do a lot with Paige as a person. Some felt bad for her while others felt she had it coming.

Many across the social media spectrum felt that it was crazy for her to have all of these images and videos still around. However, if the photos and videos were added in iCloud, these things stay in even when Paige might change phones. This is an area that tons of things can be kept so that way you have more space to add things to your phone. Meanwhile, you can access them off of your phone too. A lot of people forget about them and move on, not thinking about deleting past photos and videos.

Some even have old iCloud accounts that have images and videos that a person does not even access or have access to any longer, which makes a hacker’s job a lot easier at the end of the day. While it is sad that Paige had a ton of these videos and images come out, she clearly did ask for them to be released. That said, she should certainly not have fans of the WWE saying she deserved to have them put out. However, some theorize she may have leaked them.

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The thought with those people is that Paige has been trying to get fired from the WWE for quite some time so that she could spend more time with boyfriend and former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Alberto now performs with Impact Wrestling as his independent name, Alberto El Patron. Paige would love to join him in TNA or wherever else he goes, but she is under a long-term contract with WWE that was set to expire in 2019.

Sadly, due to her injury and WWE’s ability to freeze contracts due to a wrestler needing time off, WWE may have her under contract until 2020 now. It makes sense for Paige to try and get out of her deal, as WWE has refused to release her when she requested it last year. This led to her allegedly failing two drug tests twice in a row on purpose, with one drug test finding she had an illegal drug in her system according to a statement from the WWE.

She has two strikes now due to her two failed tests and eventual suspensions. Another drug test would normally force them to release her, but an exception could be made due to the fact that they know she is purposely failing to get out. Some think that due to all of this, she put the photos and videos out herself. This does seem like a crazy idea. Paige knows that once something gets posted online, it does not die. She basically has every inch of her nude body being exposed, with a sex tape that includes one former and one current WWE Superstar.

Paige photoshoot
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This has led to many thinking she did not release them herself, as no one would want all of that out there just to get out of a contract with WWE. It would hurt her more to have them out there than to wait out the contract with WWE at the end of the day. Some are now believing this all could result in WWE firing Paige anyway, despite knowledge from Paige herself saying images were released without her consent in a statement made from her Twitter account yesterday.

The problem with the theory of Paige being released by WWE over this is that Paige having images and videos out with nudity is not a first for WWE Superstars. Seth Rollins and former NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber had their nude images put out a few years back without their consent. Meanwhile, former WWE Diva Candice Michelle did a softcore porn video while under contract with WWE years back. Lest we forget the numerous Playboy appearances for the women of WWE over the years.

The Attitude Era saw a few women see themselves exposed either intentionally or unintentionally on camera during live broadcasts as well. This was not even including the bikini and lingerie contests they did over the years. To say that it would be a HUGE double-standard to release Paige over these images and videos is a major understatement. That said, fans should not expect Paige to be released from WWE over them. If she is let go from WWE, it would be for something else entirely.

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