KNK: K-Pop Boy Band Sets Record With 12-Hour Long Live Broadcast On Naver

About one year ago from now, YNB Entertainment — the Korean entertainment label and agency best known for K-pop girl groups Bestie and EXID — debuted their very first K-pop boy band K-Pop kNocK, better known as KNK. Also known as Keunakeun, the five-member boy band consisting of Youjin, Seungjun, Inseong, Jihuri, and Heejun did their best to establish themselves among other boy bands with their debut, a single album titled Knock. They followed up with two extended plays (EPs) or mini-albums, Awake and Remain.

Overall, their debut year wasn’t exactly the most prominent compared to other debuting boy bands like NCT, Astro, or Pentagon, but at least it was decent. They sold over 5,000 copies of their debut album which is kind of good for a smaller entertainment company. As for their mini-albums, they sold over 12,000 copies each, much better than certain K-pop acts signed under much bigger entertainment companies.

KNK poses for a group teaser for their debut single album 'Knock'
KNK is the first K-pop boy band formed under YNB Entertainment. They made their debut with 'Knock.' [Image by YNB Entertainment]

Despite it all, KNK is thankful to the fans for their love and support. One of the ways they showed said love and support was to live stream themselves on Naver. In the process, KNK actually made a new record for having the longest live stream of 12 hours.

The live stream on Naver took place on Friday, March 17, at 6 p.m. KST up to Saturday, March 18, at 6 a.m. KST. According to Korean entertainment news outlet Sports World, what KNK did was “camp indoors” in which they showed themselves in their natural state. They cooked, played games, slept, and woke up through a selfie format.

Though the live stream sounds like a daunting task, KNK was successful. Over 150,000 K-pop have either watched the live stream or the replay which is available on V Live.

KNK poses for a group teaser for 'Awake'
KNK's first extended play (EP) or mini-album was awake. It did decently well in sales especially for a K-pop boy band of a smaller Korean entertainment company. [Image by YNB Entertainment]

It is very nice of KNK to actually devote 12 hours straight for K-pop fans, especially those who are Tinkerbells (official fan club of KNK). It was also one of the most dedicated ways to celebrate their one-year anniversary with them. The live stream is actually the third major bit of news pertaining to KNK passing one year. On March 3, they released a thank you video to celebrate the occasion. It was a montage detailing important points in their careers including fan meetings, concerts, and performing at the 2016 China Music Awards or the 2016 CMA in Macau. It then transitions to diary entries the members wrote last February, right before their debut. Finally, KNK appeared sharing their personal thoughts over the past year and thanking their fans for sticking with them.


KNK also released other goodies on their official Twitter account too. First, they made known their official fan colors, rose gold and twinkle silver, will now be their official colors. Afterwards, Inseong uploaded a video of him covering Eric Benet’s “Still With You” along with a personal message in which he thanked everyone for congratulating him and KNK for their one-year anniversary.


Unfortunately, KNK did not release any information on when, or if, they will make a K-pop comeback this year. It is possible that for now, they are just enjoying the fact they’ve made it one year. Nevertheless, congratulations KNK for making it 365 days! For K-pop fans who want to listen to the latest music by KNK, it is their mini-album Remain featuring the title track song “U.” It was released back in November of 2016.

[Featured Image by YNB Entertainment]