'My 600lb Life' Update: James K Is Alive, Regretting His Actions & Losing Weight

The most recent episode of TLC's hit show My 600-lb Life, featuring James K., managed to get numerous viewers apprehensive and upset. After an episode that featured James' stubborn nature that resulted in him actually gaining more than 150 lbs over a few months, Dr. Nowzaradan, the featured expert on the show, ended up sending the overweight man home. Since then, followers of the show have been wondering about the fate of the man who, for all intents and purposes, appears to be heading towards his own demise.

Fortunately, a recent report from TV Ruckus has emerged, stating that James and his girlfriend, Lisa, are both doing better now. After being sent home by a visibly upset Dr. Now, the couple ended up pursuing a program with the physical therapist that was featured during the closing moments of James' My 600-lb Life episode, Rudi Pijnnaken, the president of Physical Therapy International.

Pijnnaken, in an interview with TV Ruckus, confirmed that James is still alive, and that he appears to be on his way towards recovery. According to the therapist, he was able to make significant progress with the couple, especially regarding their "mindset," which is key to James' weight loss. The therapist also stated that he was able to work well with Lisa, who has fully accepted her role in James' recovery.

Both points that Pijnnaken said were particularly interesting, since James' mindset is one thing that has struck a raw nerve with fans during his episode of My 600-lb Life. During the episode, numerous viewers remarked in online forums such as Reddit that his mindset was just plain wrong, as James appeared to be indulging in self-pity most of the time, instead of being open to possible changes and his recovery. Lisa, for her part, appeared to be enabling his behavior, as evidenced by her feeding him junk food despite its adverse effects on his health.

Numerous viewers of My 600-lb Life also took issue with James' actions during the show, especially when he appeared to show little empathy towards his father, who was suffering financially due to his son's condition. The fact that James and Lisa opted to have their daughter stop school so she can take care of her father also struck a very raw nerve among viewers of the show.

Nevertheless, Pijnnaken maintained in his interview with TV Ruckus that he believes he was finally able to get through James' psyche. While the therapist stated that he was not a psychologist or a doctor, he was quite optimistic about James' chances at recovery. His technique, which involves working with his clients' frame of mind, has helped numerous people in the past, and Pijnnaken believes that James still has a chance.

Pijnnaken did state, however, that it took quite a while before progress was made in James' case. The therapist reported that it took 11 full treatments before James and Lisa fully embraced the fact that no progress would be made as long as they do not conform to any diet or serious weight-loss programs. Pijnnaken also remarked in his interview that James could now sit up with one leg dangling off his bed, which is a notable improvement over his situation during his My 600-lb Life episode, where he could not even move at all.

While progress has not been drastic, Pijnnaken stated that James is now on a diet of consuming between 600 to 800 calories a day. The therapist also assured viewers that James seems to weigh less than what he did when viewers last saw him in the My 600-lb Life episode. Overall, Pijnnaken believes that the disaster that unfolded during the TLC show's latest episode was a result of James and Lisa ultimately not having ample guidance in following Dr. Now's diet plan.

While Pijnnaken's recent statements are definitely good news, the therapist also stated that James is regretting his actions on camera during his episode of My 600-lb Life. The therapist also said that James is actively trying to mend his relationship with his daughter, and is set on being able to walk once more in the near future.

[Featured Image by TLC]