‘American Horror Story’ EP Ryan Murphy Announces New Series

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has his hands in just about every one of cable network FX’s major TV hits these days and he has just announced that he will be tackling another high-profile series. If there is one thing that Ryan Murphy definitely knows how to do, that is launch a sensational TV program, especially with the outer limits that can be used on a cable network like FX who has a track record of allowing their shows to push the bar even higher.

Ryan Murphy has been trekking hard with FX ever since he started churning out risque content on the show Nip/Tuck. Since then, Murphy has exploded onto the TV scene with other major TV hits like American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Glee, Scream Queens, Feud, and now, the newly announced 1980s era show Pose, according to Deadline.

If fans are wondering just what Ryan Murphy can do with a TV show set in the 1980s, then you should just take a minute to step back and look at his work on American Horror Story. Although many seasons of AHS have had a specific flavor that came directly out of the 1980s, the fifth season, American Horror Story: Hotel, had content that could have doubled as the love child of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

It is safe to assume that after the many seasons of American Horror Story and glamorous pop culture from the 1980s that he has used to exploit it, Ryan Murphy was destined to do a period series from the final decade of the Cold War that featured the rise of tech superstars and musical icons.

There is also another great opportunity for Ryan Murphy to really cash in on this 1980s TV show. Pose has been described as a return to the flashy era that featured the rise of Donald Trump as a major household name and the era that showed just how magnificent New York City is on the world stage.

Although American Horror Story has not quite made it to New York City yet, Pose will be solely centered on the bustling city that never sleeps. Especially with its 1980s noir look that will have people nostalgic about the era and ready to really sink their teeth into something they might not have seen for more than 30 years.

There seems to a bit of a trend with TV shows these days reverting back to the era of the 1980s. American Horror Story has spent some time in the era in flashbacks, but there have been other shows that have been committed to the 1980s. That includes Halt and Catch Fire on AMC. You can also catch the dry humor and action of Hap and Leonard on Sundance, which is owned by AMC as well.

Although Ryan Murphy has been very busy lately rolling out one TV show after another, his flagship anthology series American Horror Story is still top of mind for most of his biggest fans. AHS recently wrapped up its Season 6 run, which featured the Roanoke installment of American Horror Story.

There hasn’t been much news lately about Season 7 of American Horror Story, but there has been some clues as to what Ryan Murphy intends to do with it. Murphy started a firestorm of social media speculation when he announced the 2016 election cycle would be a part of the story, but then backed off the possibility that characters portraying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be in it. He later walked back on that as well and announced that Clinton and Trump both would be in Season 7 of American Horror Story, but indicated that Season 7 would only start on election night in 2016.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]