SIXBOMB: K-Pop Girl Group Uses Plastic Surgery For ‘Becoming Prettier’ M/Vs

The Korean music industry is recognized internationally as one of the hardest music industries to succeed in, especially for those who want to be K-pop idols. For starters, K-pop acts are often manufactured and not home grown. This means up-and-coming hopefuls go through many years of training in singing, dancing, rapping, and presentation before they form a K-pop act. The clincher is that getting through training does not mean said up-and-coming hopeful will even debut in a K-pop act either.

Anyways, one of the most controversial parts of becoming a K-pop star is the image makeover. In many countries, image makeovers consist of a new clothing style and a new haircut. The most extreme instances of plastic surgery happen but occasionally. In K-pop, it is different as cosmetic or plastic surgery hounds the scene. Many members of K-pop acts have been exposed for it, especially those listed by KPOP Surgery, such as certain members of AOA, BTS, EXO, and Secret.

Though many K-pop acts and idols do their best to keep their plastic surgery a secret, one K-pop act is doing the opposite and celebrating it. Six Bomb not only went under the knife, they utilized it in two music videos as a concept for their “Becoming Prettier” songs.

Six Bomb promotes 'Becoming Prettier Before'
Six Bomb is a four-member girl group formed by Pace Maker Entertainment. Their latest K-pop comeback is garnering plenty of attention for its plastic surgery theme. [Image by Pace Maker Entertainment]

The fact that Six Bomb used plastic surgery as a concept for their K-pop comeback this year might disgust certain K-pop fans, but it is really smart. Besides the aforementioned facts of K-pop idols going under the knife, plastic surgery is ingrained within modern Korean culture. People from other East Asian countries, especially China and Japan, often go to South Korea to get their plastic surgery done.

By embracing and publicizing their plastic surgery, Six Bomb acknowledged a norm (South Korea’s preference to plastic surgery) and violated an “unspoken rule” in K-pop (K-pop idols usually don’t admit to going under the knife). It surely gave them far more attention. Take note that Six Bomb debuted as a six-member girl group back in 2012 and disbanded later that year, but re-debuted as the four-member girl group we know three years later. Prior to their “Getting Prettier” singles, any media coverage on them was minimal to non-existent.

Six Bomb's 'Becoming Prettier Before' album cover.
Six Bomb released 'Becoming Prettier Before' last month in February, the music video showed the girls prior to their plastic surgery. [Image by Pace Maker Entertainment/Six Bomb's Official Daum Cafe]

Six Bomb promoted their surgery through songs and music videos that would represent “before” and “after” their plastic surgery. “Getting Prettier Before” was released just last month in February in which Six Bomb is seen without makeup, undergoing procedures, and receiving consultation from professionals, as reported by Soompi. “Getting Prettier After” was released one month later in which Six Bomb shows the results of about 100 million won (approximately $89,000 USD) worth of plastic surgery.

Both Six Bomb and their entertainment label and agency, Pace Maker Entertainment, did not reveal what plastic surgery was done. They did, however, reveal all plastic surgery was done from the waist up. Though tummy tucks and liposuction come to mind, the two surgeries that most likely were used are the two eye surgeries, aegyo sal (adding fat below the eye) and double eyelids (making eyelids look Caucasian), and face contouring for a v-line.

Ultimately, the plastic surgery will only go so far. Six Bomb needs to follow up with their performance, be able to sing good music and dance well on stage. Pace Maker Entertainment needs to follow up on production and promotion. After watching the music videos for “Becoming Prettier Before” and “Becoming Prettier After,” many K-pop fans are saying the 100 million won should have gone to practice, production, and promotion over Six Bomb’s faces.

[Featured Image by Pace Maker Entertainment/Six Bomb’s Official Daum Cafe]