Chinese Company Makes You Look Like Ivanka Trump

This Chinese company can make you look like Ivanka Trump if you’re ready to spend large amounts of cash. A lot of the Chinese have become enthused with the first daughter despite their feelings towards her father. They have taken keen interest in her since her father won the election and a huge number of applications were made in order to use.

This company has managed to trademark Ivanka’s business name, and it will give you a promising transformation.

According to Chinese laws, a business is allowed to use foreign names, and it has been apparent that a lot of Chinese companies are interested in adding Ivanka’s name to their products.

This Chinese company can make you look like Ivanka Trump
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Donald Trump finally received the rights to his name in China by the form of a 10-year trademark protection for construction services. Ivanka is rather popular by comparison and even trended when her daughter Arabella recited Li Shen’s “Sympathy for the Peasants” poem.

There are other companies using the businesswoman’s name for their own advantage. The companies in China are using her name for a variety of products that range from diet pills to sanitary napkins as well as cosmetic surgery firms.

Ivanka Lookalikes

A Chinese cosmetic surgery company is offering an opportunity to look just like Ivanka Trump. The firm’s name, Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management, basically took her name and translated it to suit their interests. The surgery firm offers liposuction, eye and nose surgery as well as breast enlargement. According to their human resource manager, who was interviewed by the Washington Post, young women in China enjoy changing their looks and like to copy certain elements of film stars such as their noses, eyes, and lips. He added that young women in China would want to have Ivanka’s big eyes, her nose, and lips as well as her “flawless figure.”

“Her facial features, disposition and appearance are perfect, no matter whether they are judged by the beauty standards of the East or the West.”

A plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, Dr. Marc Mani, weighed in on the matter with People and said that the Chinese embrace plastic surgery and they have asked him to make them look like celebrities. He said that Ivanka Trump’s face was appealing to the Chinese aesthetic because it’s what they like. The Chinese like large eyes as well as a heart-shaped face that has a small feminine chin and a small nose with a strong bridge, therefore Ivanka’s face works perfectly for what it is they truly have an interest in. Her face is their ideal but he said that he hesitates to do any surgery that would greatly change a person’s facial features. He said that unless his client’s face is close to what it is they would like to look like and simply want a change, then he would do it.

This Chinese company can make you look like Ivanka Trump
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He would not do a whole transformation and believes that that would be a denial of the soul and very sad. He claimed that there are some individuals in China who would undergo a complete face transplant just to look like someone else. Predominantly, the clients that he has had so far are just seeking a youth-like aesthetic as well as beauty.

The Ivanka Plastic Look

It’s not just the Chinese trying to look like Ivanka Trump, there are some Americans who have spent as much as $30,000 to $60,000 just to look like the mogul. One patient said that she was interested in looking just like her after seeing her during the election and she found her pretty. She said that she liked Ivanka’s nose, cheeks, and breasts. One took a liking to Ivanka’s style and found her very classy and elegant. Tiffany Taylor’s transformation began two years ago, and she continues to spend a lot of money to achieve the total transformation.

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