‘Girls’ Lena Dunham Weight Loss 2017: What Is Her Secret Dieting Weapon?

It turns out that Donald Trump should not be credited for Lena Dunham’s weight loss in 2017 as the actress previously suggested. When the Tiny Furniture actress appeared at the premiere of personal trainer Tracy Anderson’s New York City Flagship Wednesday, it was then revealed that Dunham’s current trim and body confident look is attributed to Anderson. The trainer, with a wide range of clients whose body types range from the likes of Gweneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez, has helped them look their best leaving her clients feeling confident and good in their own skin.


Speaking to WWD, Lena explained that over a decade ago she had tried to go to a well-known gym where she was immediately asked if she wanted to achieve a body like “Jessica Alba,” instead of creating a regiment geared to her own body type and goals. She admitted that when she walked in that day, it was not until she met Tracy Anderson that she felt she found the person who could help her achieve her personal goals.

“Tracy made me feel like I could take care of my body because of me and not to conform to somebody else’s stereotype.”

Trainer Tracy Anderson spoke to People at the 59th Street Flagship and echoed the star’s sentiments. This is not about being the cookie cutter image of some marketing person’s idea of healthy or slim. It is about a woman feeling good in their own skin. Looking good is the happy byproduct of Tracy’s special exercise regime. She will not start any program until she knows who they are on the inside before she can help set up a plan to help them achieve their body goals.

“My objective when I’m sitting down with someone, they may start and say, ‘I want this to happen,’ and I really slow them down, and I want to know them.”

Eschewing trends and social stigmas, Anderson is about having her clients “own” their body and determine what they want themselves, not what magazines, movies or other media have predetermined as what they should want.

“There is so much noise about what is ‘pretty’ or ‘healthy’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘trendy’ with our physical bodies that people don’t even know how to own their own body or assess what they even want.”

Lena Dunham is a perfect example of Tracy’s personalized program. Dunham has been very public about her battle with endometriosis and the pain associated with this medical condition. She told Tracy about her problem and although she was not in great shape, she wanted some help to feel stronger, particularly in her core. She also wanted that strength to last over the course of the day.

“I came to her and was like, ‘I have endometriosis, I have chronic physical pain, I just want to feel stronger, I just want to have a stronger core, I want to feel like I have more power throughout my day… How do I get there?'”


The personal trainer really believes in the overall journey. She purposely avoids being just a celebrity trainer because it appears that in her experience, she has been asked to make someone look like another celebrity. Tracy is interested in the self-actualization of the body: letting the person inside reflect on the outside.

“Women always think that they need to look like someone else. One reason why I don’t give my time to a lot of celebrities who want it is because the journey for them to want to be themselves is really distanced … I really want examples like Lena, like Jennifer Lopez, like Gwyneth, that are really proud of who they are, and they just want to be healthy and balanced for themselves.”

The personal trainer’s techniques include her own mix of aerobics, strength training “lesser” muscles, and a type of pilates-yoga mix that Tracy created herself.


Has Lena Dunham inspired your own exercise or weight loss journey or positive body image? Do you have endometriosis and are inspired by Lena’s success? Share your thoughts and stories below and inspired others!

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Image]