Surface Phone Release Date Delayed, Foldable Windows Phone To Launch In 2017?

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Surface Phone’s release date has been delayed, and a different Windows Phone by Microsoft will take its place this year. The revelation is a surprise to mobile enthusiasts, as this is the first time that such a plan was heard. The tipster himself did not know what kind of phone it will be, but reports speculate that it might be a foldable phone.

It was previously believed that the rumored Surface Phone, which is expected to topple other flagships when released, will finally be arriving this year. That is until Reddit user zombieacc disclosed Microsoft’s plans in a post.

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According to the user’s post in the forum, Microsoft has not given up working on the Surface Phone and the company is still keen on releasing a Windows Phone in 2017. Unfortunately, the user did not know what this phone is going to be like.

“I’m a former employee of a Microsoft contractor,” zombieacc said, explaining why such an information was available to him.

With this news, the rumor mill went into overdrive, speculating what the Windows Phone 2017 might be. This will be the first phone that the Redmond-based company will be releasing after selling its mobile business that they acquired from Nokia, so the community is interested in what could be in store for them.

Among the rumors that are floating around is that the Windows Phone could have been hinted at earlier this year. It can be remembered that MS Power User reported the filing of a patent in January that describes some sort of a foldable tablet.

The images that accompanied the patent shows a tablet with a hinge, which allows it to fold in half. The device folds in such a way that users can still access the then smaller screens, thus allowing it to also work as a smartphone.

The 2-in-1 device is big enough to move the release date of the Surface Phone, which might not appear until 2019. The launch will allow Microsoft to continue working on a flagship killer while maintaining a big presence in the mobile industry.

It is not unknown that the Windows Phone is struggling. Many pinned their hopes on the Surface Phone, but seeing that it will not be revealed anytime soon, fans are now more curious about the foldable device.

Other indications that a release of a Windows foldable phone is happening soon are the planned reveals of a similar technology by Korean smartphone makers LG and Samsung. It is rumored that both companies are thinking of launching foldable devices this year, so Microsoft may be planning to get in the competition early as well.

However, these are all rumors as of now. CEO Satya Nadella has been quiet about the company’s future plans, leaving fans in the dark. Patents are not good sources of information either since a handful of filings do not ever make it to the final product. Still, they are indicators of what the tech giant is currently working on.

It is also possible that the company is saving this technology for the Surface Phone. Microsoft has always taken a different approach when it comes to Surface devices. The tablet and laptop with the brand are more than what is perceived as both devices have two functions. A phone that can also function differently (in this case, a tablet) is only expected.

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There is also still hope for a Surface Phone release date being announced soon. The credibility of the Redditor cannot be verified, as with other “leaks,” so it is best to take caution when reading rumors and speculations on the internet.

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