Who Is Sophie Taylor? Blonde Aussie Model Spotted Partying With Prince William

Sophie Taylor has been taking the internet by storm. The blonde Australian model was spotted partying and drinking with Prince William and his friends in the Swiss Alps. Now, rumors are swirling that Prince William is cheating on his wife, Kate Middleton, with the stunner.

Who is Sophie Taylor, and why was she on the ski trip with the men? People have been digging up sexy photos and information about the blonde beauty. The prince was trying to enjoy his holiday with his friends when he came upon Sophie Taylor and her group of model friends. The two groups met up for more booze-fueled fun, according to the Sun.

Sophie is a 24-year-old Australian model who grew up in Terrigal, New South Wales. She studied at Terrigal High School and currently works as a model. She is signed with Chadwick Models. Along with being signed with the agency, she also has a modeling profile on the casting site StarNow. According to Sophie’s social media accounts, she loves to travel and travels between Indonesia and the United States.

In between modeling, Taylor works at the Farinet hotel and club in Verbier, Switzerland. Since she works and is an avid skier and spends most of her time in Verbier, that’s how she ended up meeting Prince William and his group. He was enjoying a boys’ weekend with his group of male friends when they were joined for drinks by Taylor and her friend. After they enjoyed the day together, the group met up again at the Mouton Noir restaurant before they partied at Fairnet.

Sophie took to social media to exclaim that she lost her phone on their night out. A video surfaced of Prince William dancing to the song “I Got 5 On It.”

People have been awe over Taylor’s model work. That’s because the stunner is seen posing topless and wearing lingerie. She posed in a topless photo shoot for fashion and beauty photographer Glen Krohn. The 43-year-old photographer described Taylor as a “straight talking Aussie girl” who had no trouble with showing off her body.

“Sophie is very confident about her body and has no inhibitions at all about posing topless,” Krohn said, according to the Daily Mail.

One of her more covered-up photos was seen on the cover of the Sun’s latest issue.

The reason why this is such a big scandal among the royal family is because William ditched his family to go partying in Switzerland instead of attending the annual Commonwealth service at Westminister Abbey, reports the Australian. While William didn’t get too cozy with Taylor, he was seen high-fiving the model in some of the photos.

While his family was attending the service, William was on the slopes with his three friends: Guy Pelly, James Meade, and Tom van Straubenzee. They were seen joining Sophie Taylor and her friend at a restaurant. The girls headed up the mountain on foot while the men were on their skis. It’s been reported that Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was at home with their two children.

“It shows a lack of judgment on the part of someone, whether it is him or his advisers … when you know the people already think of you as not pulling your weight,” an inside source told the Australian.

There have been sensationalized tabloid reports that William was cheating on Middleton with the model. Gossip Cop has vehemently denied the rumors on Tuesday, March 14. Radar Online was one of the many tabloids that declared William was caught cheating with Taylor in Switzerland.

“Photos of the 34-year-old royal and Australian-born Sophie Taylor hit headlines on Monday, revealing that Prince William had skipped out on official Commonwealth Day services with the rest of the royal family to spend time with the leggy blonde. The Duke of Cambridge’s wife, Kate Middleton, was reportedly left at home with the kids,” the report went on to say.

It’s clear that William wasn’t totally alone. He wasn’t caught cheating with Taylor when he was among a group of people. In addition, Taylor’s mom has come out and said that she is a woman of “integrity.” While William’s odd behavior was frowned upon, it’s safe to say there is no trouble in his marriage.

Looks like Sophie Taylor found herself in the middle of a royal scandal by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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