NFL Rumors: Three Teams That Could Be Landing Spots For Jay Cutler

One of the hottest stories during this NFL offseason is the possible landing spot for Dallas Cowboys’ star Tony Romo, but there are other quarterbacks looking for homes as well. While he’s now gone from the Chicago Bears, it is doubtful that Jay Cutler will end up returning to the “Windy City.” Now, more teams are starting to emerge as teams he could play for in 2017, and there are three in desperate need of a starting signal-caller.

When the Chicago Bears released Jay Cutler on the first day of the new league year, they saved themselves about $13 million in salary cap space. By signing Mike Glennon in free agency, the Bears have their starting quarterback for the upcoming season, and they’re moving in a totally new direction.

Still, Cutler needs to find a home as the 33-year-old isn’t yet ready to call it a career, and there are a few teams that could seriously use his help.

San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick is gone, and his time in the league may be over and not just his stint with the 49ers. Blaine Gabbert is also gone, which means Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley are all they have going for them, and Jay Cutler would be a welcome addition to the roster.

chicago bears nfl rumors jay cutler texans 49ers jets

The only problem is that Cutler may not end up wanting to go to San Francisco because he’s at a point in his career where he’s ready to win. The Niners are not a good team, and he’s not in the mood to help a team build from the ground up.

New York Jets

ESPN is reporting that Cutler leads the pack of a group of quarterbacks who could very well sign with the New York Jets. Once again, though, the Jets are not a good team at all, and they’re in a rebuilding mode, which is something that Cutler won’t want to be a part of, no matter where he lands.

A couple of other free agent targets are Chase Daniel and Josh McCown who wouldn’t mind making a team their own. Both have a long, storied history in the NFL, and they have learned behind some of the best quarterbacks in the league so, they’re ready to become franchise leaders.

Houston Texans

Brock Osweiler is already a thing of the past as he was traded to the Cleveland Browns in a trade that many thought was rather absurd. With a big hole in Houston, Bleacher Report believes the Texans have the best shot at signing Cutler as he wouldn’t have to worry about a team starting at the bottom either.

chicago bears nfl rumors jay cutler texans 49ers jets

With DeAndre Hopkins at wide receiver and Lamar Miller in the offensive backfield, the Texans have a very talented offense with which Cutler can work. The thing is, the Texans aren’t going to spend a lot of money to sign any quarterback until they know what is happening with Tony Romo.

Now, there are other teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos who could use some help or are looking for more competition at the quarterback position. The only issue is that the free agent market for QBs is quite packed right now, and Cutler will have to do something to rise above the others.

The free agency season in the NFL is only about two weeks deep, and there is still the draft to come, so much more movement will take place before all is said and done. The New York Jets, Houston Texas, and San Francisco 49ers all have veteran quarterbacks that simply aren’t working out for them, and the same was said about the Chicago Bears. Now, Jay Cutler is out there without a home, but someone will sign him and likely at a good price.

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