Pro Wrestling News, Rumors: AJ Styles Moving To Raw? Seth Rollins Returning?

Pro wrestling news and rumors this week have AJ Styles potentially being traded to the Raw franchise, The New Day possibly being sent to SmackDown, and Seth Rollins rushing rehab surgery to make Wrestlemania 33.

AJ Styles Moving To Raw, The New Day Heading to SmackDown?

As Give Me Sport writer Drew Garrison speculates, AJ Styles’ current storyline has him without a job and looking at a new spot on WWE’s Monday night staple, Raw. You may recall that Styles recently smashed Shane McMahon through a car window, which is not a good way to endear yourself to your boss.

For that offense, he was “fired” (at least, in the context of his storyline) from SmackDown. Of course, he remains a popular wrestler, and WWE would be foolish to completely remove him from the roster. So it makes sense that he would be “traded,” so to speak, to Monday nights and the Raw franchise.

Garrison says – without any evidence to back up his claim – that WWE execs are planning the move behind the scenes, and it’s only a matter of time before Styles turns up on Raw.

“Styles, who has been a key part of the SmackDown Live experience, may not be representing the blue for much longer. The WWE has held several discussions about moving Styles to RAW, according to various reports in the past, and the time might be right for the drastic change.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by PW Insider writer Mike Johnson.

“The WWE storyline is that AJ Styles has been fired by Smackdown, which one would think means he is Raw-bound following Wrestlemania 33 after wrestling Shane McMahon.”

Other possible roster moves in the Raw/SmackDown lineups include The New Day possibly moving to SmackDown.

Sportskeeda writer Harald Math believes that the move makes perfect sense; the trio hasn’t had much of a storyline on Raw, and SmackDown’s tag team roster is rather limited.

“A move to SmackDown would undoubtedly be a good thing for Kingston, Woods and Big E. At present, the trio are doing a whole lot of nothing on Raw, and a change would not only freshen up their act, but it would also allow the RAW tag ranks the chance to breathe while bolstering the ranks of SmackDown’s almost non-existent tag division. This seems like a win-win for all involved.”

Seth Rollins Rushing Rehab

Another pro wrestling rumor holds that Seth Rollins, who is nursing an injured knee, is trying to rush his rehab in order to make it to Wrestlemania 33.

Back in February, as CBS Sports reported at the time, Rollins mangled his knee when Samoa Joe attacked him during an episode of Raw. The torn MCL resulting from that injury was actually the second major knee injury Rollins has had in two years. And as it turns out, his previous knee injury forced him to sit out Wrestlemania 32, and now this injury is likely going to force him to sit out Wrestlemania 33.

Rumor has it that Rollins is rushing his rehab, so he doesn’t have to miss wrestling’s biggest event two years in a row. However, as Cageside Seats‘ Randall Ortman, rushing the rehab could put Rollins at risk for re-injuring his knee.

Take it slow and do what your doctors say, Seth!

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