WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Return? Wyatt vs Orton ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Odds Update

With all of the WWE rumors starting to simmer as Wrestlemania 33 approaches, one rumor that has been picking up steam over the past few days includes SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan. Is Bryan is coming back to the squared circle anytime soon? Bryan caused a stir last week on social media when he teased a possible return to the ring when his WWE contract expires in 2018. The only question is, where will he return to?

Wrestlezone indicates that during an appearance on WWE Talking Smack, Bryan issued the return tease after The Miz continued to insist that Bryan can’t wrestle anymore because of his head injuries. Bryan responded with “I can’t, or they won’t let me?”

Now the question everyone is asking is could the WWE rumors of a possible Bryan return be even more credible than first thought? If you think Bryan will be back soon, you can actually bet on it!

Leave it to Irish Sportsbook Paddy Power to once again lead the way with all kinds of WWE wagering and prop bets that the public can sink their teeth into. Betting props have been released on a potential Daniel Bryan in-ring return, with the most favorable odds on Bryan signing with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) by the end of 2018.

Daniel Bryan WWE

As of March 16, Bryan’s in-ring return to the NJPW is by far the favorite. The current odds on Bryan returning and heading to the NJPW are listed at 11/10, or even money. For a while, the odds had dipped down to 11/8, meaning Paddy Power had a lot of early wagering from the public that if and when Daniel Bryan returned to live action, it would be with the NJPW.

Other prop bets on a possible Bryan return include other various places he may pop up for a return before the end of the calendar year of 2017 or 2018.

Bryan returning to Ring of Honor before the end of 2018 odds are currently listed at 9/4, while another prop bet, with much better odds, includes “Bryan fights in an official WWE match before the end of 2017.” At 7/1 odds, that is a prop worth considering.

Last but not least is “Will Bryan appear in TNA before the end of 2018.” This Daniel Bryan prop is the highest on the board at 10/1. If you believe this is a possibility, then a simple $10 wager can net you a return of $100. Not a bad return at all.

You can’t talk prop WWE prop bets at this time of year without mentioning Wrestlemania 33.

With the big day quickly approaching, odds makers at Paddy Power have a ton of prop bets for the big event scheduled. One of the more popular props to keep an eye on is the highly anticipated Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton match-up.

The tension between the two has been building for a long time, and after Orton set fire to Wyatt’s property on live television, well let’s just say you won’t catch these two hanging out eating a cheeseburger anytime soon. These two may make the entire state of Florida shake a bit when they clash in the ring during Wrestlemania 33.

Randy Orton is listed as the overwhelming favorite for this scheduled Wrestlemania 33 battle on April 2. Currently listed at 2/9, Orton is one of the biggest favorites listed on the Paddy Power odds board for the entire Wrestlemania 33 event.

Orton WWE Odds

The comeback on Wyatt is set at 11/4, but the interesting point here is that as Wrestlemania 33 approaches, the odds have been changing a bit towards Wyatt. Wyatt opened at 9/1 odds for this match-up. However, he is now gaining a bit on the favorite. Don’t be surprised if Bray Wyatt ends up getting knocked down all the way to 2/1 before Wrestlemania 33 arrives.

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