Live Giraffe Cam: April Has 'No Time' For Signal Disruption: Will We Miss Birth?

Thanks to the live giraffe cam, April has not only become a great educational tool, but she's also a form of family friendly entertainment. April the giraffe and her mate, Oliver, have become one of the most watched live feeds on the internet in recent days, with thousands of people tuning in to await the birth of April the giraffe's calf. April the giraffe is reality television at its best. You can watch the live giraffe cam below.

Since the Animal Adventure Park began using the live giraffe cam, April's daily activities have been observed by thousands of individuals and families at a time. Throughout the day, people have been able to witness April's love for Oliver, as well as her keepers. Feedings, naptime, and vet checks have been viewed on the live giraffe cam. April has, at times, moved to the side, and lucky viewers have been able to see the movements of April's calf. Perhaps you are one of those lucky spectators.

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The live giraffe cam has been bringing people all over the world together and, in theory, will allow many of them to watch April give birth. Unfortunately, the Animal Adventure Park in New York, where April is housed, suffered the effects of Snowstorm Stella this week. The park had three feet of snow dumped on it.
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A Facebook update from the park reads, "We have a park to open in 2 months, and we get 3' of snow! Let me be the first to say 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That.'"

Because of the weather, the signal for the live giraffe cam has been compromised.

"The storm has, and will likely, continue to disrupt the signal feeding April's live Giraffe Cam on YouTube. It is possible that the cam may go offline, however, it should restart."
The park's Instagram states that besides the live giraffe cam, April can be followed at the website, which is "updated as quickly as possible with the newest video link."

Thankfully, the zoo has made sure to continuously provide viewers with status updates on April the giraffe's pregnancy by updating their Facebook and Instagram pages. Workers at the Animal Adventure Park have noted that April is showing pre-labor signs. This is the park's first giraffe calf. The due date for April's baby isn't clear, so everyone at the zoo is excitedly keeping a close eye on April's behavior.

Late last night, the Animal Adventure Park posted a vet update on their Facebook feed.
"April has thankfully, continued to remain in current condition. The vet report today suggests we should begin watching for a shift in calf position and belly carry, from low to back. This would suggest movement into place for birthing."
This morning, the Animal Adventure Park admitted in their update that the live feed is "experiencing significant disruption of signal due to weather (snow and wind)." They have advised their viewers to "breathe easy and rest assured, this too will pass." Hopefully, the signal disruptions pass before April has her baby. It would be a shame to miss the long anticipated last episode of the series, the "season finale" so to speak.

Changes in April's behavior very early this morning, at 2:12 a.m. EST, caused Animal Keepers to check on April's condition.

"3/16 early hour update: We have noted April's behavior the past hour and are watching closely. This does not mean that we expect immediate changes in the situation, but are monitoring behavior."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, through the feed of the live giraffe cam, April's labor will be viewed live. The cam will remain active through April's entire birthing, and the park has mentioned that they will continue to post live Facebook updates. It is hard to remain patient when the birth of April's calf is so close, but checking the live giraffe cam is all any of us can do while we wait. You can watch the live feed of April the giraffe below.

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