Three Time Kick Boxing Champion Curtis Page Accused Of Rape And Abuse

Curtis Page, the three-time kickboxing world champion, allegedly raped and abused underage girls. Curtis is accused of raping young girls from his classes. He allegedly took advantage of the young girls, including one who had confided in him about being previously raped by an older man. The 60-year-old kick boxer is accused of 22 sex charges and six counts of rape against three girls.

He has taught martial arts and is, as prosecutor James Thacker said, something of celerity in the martial arts world. Curtis has previously been convicted of two sexual assaults, but a retrial was ordered.

Curtis was charged with 14 indecent assaults and two counts of sex with a minor.

Curtis Pages’ Assault Trial

According to one of his victims, he assaulted her several times while she was underage, which later turned into a sexual relationship once she was 16. The martial arts teacher abused girls as young as 11-years-old, and had been accused by the prosecution of having dual personalities as he abused some students, while the other students he didn’t went on to become champions either in Europe or the world.

Page was the head of the Great Britain Martial Arts Association at the time of his arrest, and has since been barred from teaching the sport after the accusations against him surfaced to the public. Three women accused the master when he taught in London and Surrey. James Thacker said that Page liked young girls, and would act as a father figure, as these girls didn’t really have father figures in their lives, therefore they looked up to Curtis.

Curtis, according to Thacker, managed to drive a wedge between the girls and their families.

The martial artist took advantage of the young girls and allegedly controlled them, and would threaten them as well. One of his victims claimed that he had groped them as they watched a film together. The jurors listened keenly to the accusations, including that he later on took her virginity when she was just 12-years-old.

This alleged victim came forward because she saw a picture of herself when she was very young and she believed that it was wrong and that he had affected a lot young people’s lives. His victim, who is now 42, expressed that his behavior had to stop and that she couldn’t sleep without doing the right thing.

“In my heart I know if he has done this to me, he could do this to others. He is not very well. He is a very sick man.”

Curtis Page, The Father Figure

One of his alleged other victims claimed that she was raped after one of the martial arts classes. This victim had told the so-called father figure about being abused by an older man. According to the prosecutor, he told the Isleworth Crown Court that the alleged victim was fearful and was very confused.

Curtis later allegedly raped the same girl, once she was older, with a blade to her neck and allegedly threatened her.

Page claimed that he only had sex with the girls once they were older than 16, and denied the charges against him. According to Page, the women conspired against him to get him into trouble.

His son, Michael page, who is a star in the mixed martial arts world, has remained undefeated after 12 fights, and has said that if he has the opportunity to box he would take it. His father has taught him, as well, and so far he hasn’t commented on his father’s trial. His father, who was an instructor at London Predators, is still on trial as he is charged with six additional rapes and more.

[Featured Image by Master Curtis Page/Twitter]