Beyonce Hints Sex Of Twins? 9 Other Subtle Hints She’s Given In The Past

Beyonce may have hinted that she was having twin boys and her fans are buzzing around online, desperately trying to figure out if this is another one of the superstar’s infamous subtle hints.

Beyonce and Jay Z announced their pregnancy just about a month ago on Instagram. Since then, Beyonce’s fans have been waiting for Beyonce to drop a clue about the twins’ genders.

On Tuesday, Beyonce uploaded a photograph of the outfit she wore for her stepfather’s 70th birthday. Fans of the superstar were quick to recognize Beyonce’s earrings looked familiar.


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The earrings were also worn in her music video for “If I Were A Boy.” Fans and the public were inclined to think that this may mean the superstar is hinting that she will be having twin boys.

This was enough to set the Beyhive (Beyonce’s devoted fan group) off into a frenzy to divulge the truth.

According to Daily Mail, Beyonce has been known to make subtle hints in the past.

Beyonce has been wearing green clothing and green emerald jewelry during her second pregnancy, which her fans think is some kind of subtle hint about Beyonce’s due date.

Dress????: GUCCI Embellished Plissé Silk Chiffon Gown????

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Weeks before announcing her pregnancy with twins to the public, Beyonce posted a peace sign—or a number two—now that we know she is having two babies.

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In this Christmas GIF Beyonce uploaded, she also held up the number two and then a heart symbol with her hand.

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Beyonce hasn’t just put out subtle hints about her pregnancy. Before the singer released her award-winning album Lemonade, the singer uploaded an Instagram photo. She was smelling a lemon and smiling.

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During Halloween, Beyonce dressed up and Beyonce was covering her baby bump with a fanny pack.

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The Beyhive fans also caught that Beyonce was wearing baby blue bottoms in her pregnancy announcement Instagram photo, which could possibly be another clue.

We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters

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However, Beyonce’s fans have not always been right about their theories. When Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, she wore blue leggings during a television interview and her fans guessed that she was having a boy, according to Bossip.

Of course, Beyonce was dropping a sly hint but it was not what the fans had expected.

When it was being rumored that Beyonce and Jay Z were having marital issues, Beyonce dropped a bomb and changed the lyrics during one of her songs, “Resentment,” during a live concert, according to Daily Mail.

Instead of singing the original lyric, “Been riding with you for six years,” Beyonce deliberately said, “Been riding with you for 12 years.”

Beyonce has definitely proven that she likes to drop subtle hints for her fans about a lot of different things happening in her life, even her business ventures.

Beyonce had a few of the drums have “Ivy Park” written on them when she performed at the Super Bowl. This was a hint at her new clothing line she was about to drop.

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Do you think Beyonce is hinting that she will be having twin boys with her choice of earrings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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