Adrian Peterson Green Bay Packers Rumors: AP To Choose Packers Or Detroit Lions?

Adrian Peterson-Green Bay Packers rumors have picked up after Eddie Lacy signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. NFL rumors have linked Peterson to the Packers, Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and Minnesota Vikings this offseason, but that list of potential suitors may have shrunk by one. With the Packers missing out on signing Lacy at a discount, it might just be a matter of time until the team lands one of the remaining free-agent running backs.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lacy’s contract with the Seahawks is for $5.55 million. That’s a bit more than the Packers wanted to pay its struggling running back, instead opting to let him find a new team in free agency. It might have raised the amount of urgency to get an Adrian Peterson contract done, though, especially if the intent is to take some of the pressure off quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Peterson also met with the Seahawks, joining a revolving door of running backs meeting with the team. Jamaal Charles still has a meeting set for Wednesday (March 15) that the Seahawks are carrying out. Could the Seahawks offer Charles a contract as well? As for the Adrian Peterson-Green Bay Packers rumors, there are differing pieces of news depending on which NFL analyst has the microphone.

Michael Fabiano of may have thrown some cold water on the Peterson-to-Packers scenario in a report from Tuesday (March 14). Though he addressed the urgency to find an improvement at running back after losing Lacy to the Seahawks, he also noted that the Packers could wait until the 2017 NFL Draft to add a running back. Would the wait-and-see approach be a good idea for a team trying to compete for the 2018 NFL Playoffs?

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The last Adrian Peterson contract was a three-year, $42 million deal he signed with the Minnesota Vikings. He received $20 million in guaranteed money as part of the deal, giving up more years to get additional guaranteed money. For the 2017 NFL season, Peterson’s contract would have paid him a base salary of $11.75 million, a roster bonus of $6 million, and a workout bonus of $250,000. The Vikings opted out of that deal, though, making Peterson a free agent who can now sign with any team willing to pay him.

In addition to the Green Bay Packers rumors, teams like the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots have also been linked to Peterson this offseason. The Raiders are likely losing Latavius Murray in free agency, and the Patriots are always looking to add veteran players at a discount. The Minnesota Vikings are also interested in bringing Peterson back at a lesser salary, while the Detroit Lions would like to give quarterback Matthew Stafford a better weapon to work with in the 2017 NFL season.

While this next Adrian Peterson contract is going to directly reflect that he had a lack of success in the 2016 season, it’s easy to forget that he led the league in rushing yards during 2015 with 1,485. He also led the league in carries (327) and touchdowns (11) as well. Could Peterson get back to that level with a new club? If so, his next team could be getting a huge bargain if he signs for less than $10 million per season. Another big question is whether or not he is ready to take a huge pay cut.

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As for the Adrian Peterson-Green Bay Packers rumors, the two sides have not revealed publicly that a meeting has even been scheduled. It may be the case that Peterson had the Seattle Seahawks at the top of his list, as his agent didn’t schedule meetings with any other teams. That meeting already took place, resulting in no contract offer from the Seahawks. Instead, the Seahawks gave a one-year deal to Eddie Lacy, possibly because Peterson and his agent were asking for too much in guaranteed money.

At nearly 32, Peterson is considered very old in comparison to other running backs around the NFL. This could be why there has been more interest from NFL fans than from NFL franchises this offseason. Jamaal Charles or Latavius Murray could be options for the Packers as well, but Peterson still might be more talented than either free agent. There will continue to be many new Green Bay Packers rumors until they address the running back situation, but an Adrian Peterson contract may not come to fruition unless he is willing to take a pay cut to chase a Super Bowl ring.

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