Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr: Las Vegas Arena Booked, Will It Happen?

Will Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor finally go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring? The fans on both sides are starting to think this bout may actually happen.

According to Sporting News, the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has been reserved to host the boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor on Saturday, June 10.

"Sources close to FloCombat have confirmed T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has put the June 10 date on hold for the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. This news of course does not mean the fight is official or is guaranteed to happen, but the largest arena in the fight capital of the world reserving a date certainly means the fantasy bout is moving closer to reality."
Mayweather announced last week that he is officially out of retirement to fight Conor this summer. The reports that the fight between the boxing and UFC superstars have been going on for over a year.
Floyd told reporters in London a few days ago that he's prepared to take matters "into his own hands" to make the bout with Conor a reality.
"If he [McGregor] really wants to fight, sign the contract. You keep telling everybody 'I'm scared of you, I'm scared of you' — this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna get a contract typed up tonight, I'm gonna sign it and I'm gonna fax it over to Conor McGregor and see if he's gonna sign it."
Daily Mail reports that Mayweather said that the purse is at $100 million. All Conor needs to do is sign the contract and show up in June.
McGrregor has not confirmed whether he plans to step into the ring with Mayweather. There's a good reason too, Conor's boxing skills need work to defeat Floyd.

Conor is a novice boxer which is part of the reason he lost his bout against Nate Diaz at UFC 196. It brings up the question, can McGregor beat an undefeated fighter like Mayweather?

McGregor's best hope for a knockout would be if Mayweather underestimated him and went light on training. If Floyd thinks it is an easy win, he may feel confident enough not to train hard. However, knowing Mayweather, that wouldn't happen.

Several years ago, Floyd said in an interview that the reason he was undefeated was he tried to not leave it up to the judges. He never underestimated his opponent and trained hard for every single fight. It seems pretty unlikely that he would give Conor the chance to knock him out. Floyd's ego needs this win!

According to MMA Fighting, Joe Rogan believes that Conor will win the bout. Rogan explained that Mayweather is not in shape physically compared to McGregor.

"There's something about [Conor McGregor]. I'm telling you, there's something about that dude. He's got something going on. He's got a little something extra special, but he would need everything to line up," Rogan explained.

"Mayweather would have to dismiss him as a threat. He'd have to not train hard enough, he'd have to not seriously consider the possibility that Conor connects on him and knocks him out. And then Conor would have to do some roughhousing. He'd have to hold him in the clinch. He'd have to hold him and hit him. He'd have to try and get off as many shots and bully him around and wear him out. It's a possibility. He's a much bigger man. He's a much bigger man. If you compare the two of them frame-wise, if they ever do do it, and they're standing right at each other, looking down at each other doing eye-to-eye, you're gonna go 'oh, s**t.' [Conor]'s a big f**k. He can make that 145-pound cut when he's on death's door, but Mayweather makes it easy."
Mayweather stands at 5'8", and his weight ranges from 130-154. McGregor is an inch taller and weighs from 145-155. At this point, no details have been released about the weight class they would fight in. For now, the boxing and UFC fans wait to hear if Conor McGregor will sign the contract to decide once and for all, who is the better fighter.
Do you think Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will fight in June?

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