Megyn Kelly Getting Her Own NBC Producer, Some At ‘Today’ Fear Losing Their Jobs

Megyn Kelly is getting to call a few of her own shots at NBC and some at Today are “in the dark” over the next move. A few industry insiders share that Megyn doesn’t want Matt Lauer “loyalists” collaborating with her for the 1-hour morning news program she’ll be hosting this fall, which is presumably a segment of Today.

In a new report published by Page Six, it’s revealed that NBC’s top tier management is interviewing executive producers for Megyn Kelly’s 9 or 10 a.m. hour morning show to be aired in front of a live audience. According to the source speaking with the outlet, Megyn wants someone from the outside running her show to avoid potential conflict.

“Megyn doesn’t want a [Matt] Lauer loyalist running her show. She wants a team who she can trust and that will have her back.”

A rep for Kelly said a lot of people are “vying” for the executive producer role.

Another source spills that others at Today aren’t sure what to expect next and wonder “when the moving truck will pull up.”

“People who have been there for 30 years fear they’ll be let go, and there’s, of course, talk about how much money she’s getting.”

Page Six’s source claims that Megyn Kelly wants to be the next Oprah Winfrey by helping people and not focusing on hard news stories. Megyn has reportedly always looked up to Oprah and reveres her as the consummate media personality, someone she aspires to be like.

“There was a lot of tough news to report on her show at Fox News. A lot of combative interviewing, going after people. Doing that every night was difficult. Megyn feels she has more to offer. She wants to help people the way Oprah did, and do something more positive. She’ll be focusing on issues and bringing in real people as well as celebrities. Plus, she has a sense of humor and she wants to use that.”

A 2015 interview with Variety was brought up in which Kelly shared her visions for the future.

“Barbara Walters has retired, Diane Sawyer left her anchor role. Oprah has moved to the OWN network and is doing a different thing now. So why not me?”

Megyn Kelly will anchor a Sunday night news magazine that will feature “big interviews and stories” and is along the lines of what Walters, Sawyer, and Oprah are known for.

As Inquisitr recently reported, there was fake news circulating through social media that Megyn was fired by NBC before she even got started. Snopes debunked the rumor as false. A website that posts satirical articles wrote that Kelly was being replaced by another Fox News Channel host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The report was fact-checked after it fooled a number of people on Twitter.

What’s known so far about what Megyn’s projects at NBC is she’ll host a morning program, daytime show, anchor a Sunday night special, and cover major news events and political specials. The exact details haven’t been disclosed, but she’s expected to debut on-air on the network in September.

Until Kelly returns to television, she’s enjoying the extra free time with her husband and three children — ages 7, 5, and 3. Another reason she chose to leave Fox News for NBC was for family reasons. The 46-year-old made her children a priority and wanted to be there more for them in the evenings. Megyn Kelly told Closer that making the decision to sign on with NBC had a lot to do with taking care of herself, which means taking care of her family and that no money or power is worth sacrificing that.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter]