‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’: Joe Giudice Spotted At A Gay Club

New York City, NY – Joe Giudice and his wife Teresa were recently spotted at a gay club. Photos and videos obtained by Radar Online depict a smiling RHONJ couple as they were surrounded by male dancers showing off their well-tone abs and bare butts.

Teresa allegedly unbuttoned Joe’s shirts and jokingly showed off his “nice guns” to the crowd gathered around them. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members were at the Splash Bar in New York City when Joe tried to keep his shirt on. The reality show spouse allegedly had this to say when Teresa attempted to get him to enter the Hot Body Contest:

“I don’t have the abs these guys got, so I can’t do it. All the guys who have abs like this guy right here [pointing to other club attendee] Get up here. Everybody with abs, get up here!”

As the men began to file onto the stage for the Hot Body Contest at the NYC gay club, Teresa supposedly rubbed her hands along one man’s muscular abs. Joe Giudice has been called out on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion shows for using gay slurs.

The smiles and laughter he exhibited at the New York gay bar appear to indicate that he is really not homophobic. Teresa Giudice has always maintained that her husband does not dislike homosexuals, that he just used terms he had grown up around when joking with his friends and did not intend to insult anyone.

Joe Giudice also supposedly had this to say about a conversation he had at the gay club in New York:

“When I walked in here tonight, I asked him [one of the guys on stage] what he did. And he said he bench pressed guys like me.”