‘The Originals’ Season 4 Will See ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Character Crossover

The Vampire Diaries series finale aired on March 10 and now The Originals fans are getting excited. The Originals Season 4 will see a character crossover into the show, although it is unlikely to be for a prolonged time. There are also talks of another character making an appearance. Here’s a look at everything that fans know so far about Season 4 of the spinoff show.

Fans have hoped for a long time that Caroline would make her way into The Originals Season 4. Many have waited for years to see Caroline and Klaus finally be together, and The Vampire Diaries series finale certainly hinted that Klaroline was still on the cards.


With Stefan dying, Caroline is now free to leave Mystic Falls and go to New Orleans. However, she likely won’t for the time being since her daughters are in Mystic Falls. She and Alaric are also setting up a boarding school for witches. Klaus even sends her a large donation for the school, making it clear that Klaroline could still happen at some point.

Candice King is reportedly in talks to join The Originals cast, according to CDA News. There are no confirmations that this will happen yet, but the idea of Klaroline isn’t completely dead and buried yet. The Originals may need to go through another time jump for this to officially happen.


As for The Vampire Diaries character who is going into The Originals Season 4, fans may be happy to hear that Alaric will make an appearance. Back in November, fans learned that Matt Davis’ character would go to New Orleans. This will take place in Episode 8, although details as to why and what he will do there are unknown.

It is possible that he will go to New Orleans for some help with his twin daughters. They are the only Gemini witches left and had shown issues with their powers. While these issues may have been linked to hell and the sirens, it is possible that they will still struggle due to their ages. Is it possible that Alaric turns to Freya for help, if Hayley finds a way of saving her potential future sister-in-law?


Alaric could also go to actually offer help for the Mikaelsons. While he and the Mikaelsons haven’t always seen eye to eye, there are chances that Caroline begs him to help save Klaus. Only the Gemini twins may be able to help save some of the Mikaelsons, possibly by siphoning curses and poisons out of them.

There is the possibility that Bonnie Bennett will show up in New Orleans at some point. In The Vampire Diaries series finale, she shared that she had finally gotten used to her powers. Could she go to The Originals Season 4 to help take down Marcel and give Hope some tips on using her own magic?

Kat Graham hasn’t said that she is going to The Originals Season 4 yet. It is possible that she would appear for an episode or two if Julie Plec asked.


There are plenty of ways that characters could crossover. Right now, the only ones that would make sense, except for Alaric, are Caroline and Bonnie. They could both certainly offer some help to Hayley to save the Mikaelsons, especially if Marcel becomes a major threat to the world. However, the stories and diary entries in The Vampire Diaries series finale makes it hard to judge what could happen – no timeline was given for Klaus’ letter to Caroline or other character deaths.

Who would you like to see in The Originals Season 4? For now, just Alaric is confirmed, but there are plenty of other possibilities.

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