Gwen Stefani Reportedly A ‘Nightmare’ On ‘The Voice’: Will Miley Cyrus Replace?

When The Voice began, fans were fascinated by the concept of a show that had coaches turn their backs on the participants so that they could focus only on the singing. Now, years later, those coaches have become the stars themselves, and the new season has reunited lovebirds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton in those oversized chairs. However, a new report alleges that the songstress has become a “nightmare” for the staff on The Voice. Will she survive another season, or will Miley Cyrus, who sat out this cycle of the show, become her replacement?

“Diva” Gwen is a “nightmare” to interact with on The Voice, reported Radar Online. Even before the debut of season 12, staffers allegedly were having issues with the songstress, a source close to production informed Radar.

“Gwen has been butting heads with so many people.”

Last year, she was off the singing competition, replaced by Miley Cyrus. However, now that she’s back, Stefani reportedly is providing some shock value to The Voice by flaunting her romance.

Gwen Stefani reportedly has changed since her romance with Blake Shelton began.

“I just did a country song. With Blake Shelton. I got the hookup!” she boasted at one point.

The country music crooner immediately retorted, telling his girlfriend that was “so inappropriate to talk about us hooking up!” However, according to Radar, those kind of remarks are worth it because the couple allegedly is “getting paid big bucks to put their love affair on full display.”

That’s left staffers “sick” of the situation, however, according to the insider, who also stated that Stefani seems to have changed since her romance got serious.

“Sometimes Gwen seems like a completely different person that she used to be before she and Blake became super serious.”

Before her new romantic relationship, the songstress was “everyone’s favorite,” noted the source. In contrast, staffers now allegedly are having difficulties with her attitude.

“And now a lot of people can’t stand her because sometimes she acts like she owns the show and they are lucky to have her,” added the insider.

Will season 13 of The Voice provide fresh faces for those allegedly fed-up staffers, or will this be the last cycle of the singing competition?

Host Carson Daly, coach Adam Levine and coach Blake Shelton have survived through multiple seasons of "The Voice."

Variety reported that The Voice has been renewed through Season 13, but there’s only one coach confirmed to return for that cycle of the show. And that’s Miley Cyrus, who brought her wild child ways to season 11, co-starring as a coach with Adam Levine, Shelton, and Alicia Keys, along with host Carson Daly.

Cyrus is confirmed to return to a coach chair for Season 13 of The Voice, set to debut in autumn 2017. Paul Telegdy, president of alternative and reality group, NBC Entertainment, expressed enthusiasm for Miley.

“With Miley returning for Season 13, we’re truly ecstatic about the unmatched musical know-how and talent coming together in our coming seasons.”

In addition to Cyrus, there’s been speculation about who might heat up a coach chair for Season 13 of The Voice, pointed out En Stars. Although only Miley Cyrus has been confirmed, there is speculation that Jennifer Lopez could join her in the coach line-up. Lopez has experience from her years on American Idol, making her a strong contender for a position.

Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams also are reportedly among the possible contenders to join Miley, although only Cyrus has been confirmed as a coach thus far, showing her enthusiasm with a post on Instagram.

During her time on The Voice, Miley reinvented herself, pointed out Variety, which described Cyrus as going “from a twerking pop star to a mama-hen mentor.”

Being a coach on the singing competition wasn’t easy for tender-hearted Miley, who confessed that she cried “all the time” when she had to cut team members from her side. To help those who were nervous, Cyrus gave them copies of a self-help book, The Untethered Soul, and indulged her wild child side in unusual outfits, such as paper-flowered-covered jackets.

But there’s a method to Miley’s madness, with Cyrus revealing she chose her eccentric outfits on The Voice to make “the contestants feel safer” and ease the tension.

“When I turn around, people laugh and feel lighthearted. I think they get to see that side of me.”

Viewers also got to see the soft side of Miley, who admits that when it comes to following the guidelines of the show that require her to eliminate members of her team, “it’s a nightmare” to say farewell.

“For a non-confrontational person, it’s the worst gig ever,” summed up Cyrus.

And while she “doesn’t mind” when the show airs live, Miley does have a political reference for the voting method of choosing who stays and who goes.

“I don’t mind the live TV as much as I do that America gets to vote when it comes to The Voice, and America did vote for Donald Trump.”

However, at the time, Cyrus found a way to provide some advice for her team with another political comparison.

“I actually told my team they can be the Bernie Sanders of The Voice,” she confessed.

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