WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Won’t Turn Heel? What Happens After ‘WrestleMania’?

The bout between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker is one of the most anticipated matches in this year’s WrestleMania. And the latest WWE rumors, of course, focus on whether Reigns will turn heel after he defeats “The Dead Man.” Since, of course, it’s all but certain that The Undertaker will “pass down the torch” to “The Big Dog,” the question is whether Reigns turns heel. While many wrestling commentators don’t think it’s a good idea, there are still many more who realize that it’s probably the best thing to happen to Reigns, since his audience responds best when he’s a heel.

So what’s the story with all the latest WWE rumors about Reigns not turning heel, then?

First, according to the latest WWE rumors from Give Me Sport, there are more reasons for Reigns not to turn heel than for him to turn heel. Simply put: the WWE brass sees him in the same light as they do another babyface superstar: John Cena. What’s more, the WWE brass isn’t going to change their mind about it.

“One of the main talking points surrounding the match is a potential Roman Reigns heel turn. The idea is that Reigns will be getting a ton of boos from fans as he faces off against the much beloved: Undertaker. Unfortunately, current rumors suggest that this is NOT the plan and Reigns will not turn heel at Wrestlemania 33. Vince McMahon sees him in the same light as John Cena where they don’t care that he is getting a lot of boos.”

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But there’s more good news for fans of Roman Reigns, especially when it come to WrestleMania. According to Daily DDT‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Reigns is predicted to win the whole shooting match over at WrestleMania. The outlet believes, then, that this will be Reigns’ crowning moment.

“Even though the streak is no more, Taker has not lost any other matches at the annual extravaganza. Be as it may, the Phenom could be in line for his second defeat at the showcase of the immortals. Roman Reigns is simply booked that strongly at times. Undertaker is a legend in the business. That being said, against Roman Reigns, WWE might just choose to break the tradition once again.”

To fell Taker, then, would establish Reigns in wrestling history forever. But what comes after wrestling’s biggest night?

According to Cultured Vulture‘s latest round of WWE rumors, the best thing that can happen to Roman Reigns is that a heel turn is booked, no matter what happens during WrestleMania.

“While the fans are booing him anyway, WWE should at least make it seem like it’s on purpose. Not only do you turn him heel, you make him the absolute top heel in the company. A bad guy so hateable that you can launch a myriad of new babyface stars just by having them go up against him. But to launch a top heel, you need a great heel turn, and with Reigns looking almost certain to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, the opportunity is there for perhaps the greatest heel turn since Hogan.”

To succeed at this, said the outlet, there has to be a “babyface” build-up, which they feel is happening right now.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors — and whether you think Roman Reigns will turn heel — in the comments below.

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