‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly & Ava Battle, Liz & Franco Worry About Jake

The explosive drama in Port Charles continues during the week of March 13 on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the scrambling at General Hospital will continue as the bomb timer ticks down, and Liv is ready to tear into Julian once again. Finn’s Zen Zen addiction has escalated to a crisis level, and everybody will be anxious to see where things head next.

Ava will cross paths with Carly after the confrontation with Olivia, and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that the two women will get into a heated discussion. Carly doesn’t know the truth yet about who caused Morgan’s death, and Ava certainly was responsible, to a degree, due the antics regarding switching out his medications. However, Liv is the one who orchestrated the explosion, and Ava will cause Carly some angst by trying to talk about the situation, and finally revealing at least some truths about what went down.

Dante will be trying to defuse the bomb, and many are outside of General Hospital in a panicked state as they wait to see who makes it out and what happens. Will the bomb explode and will anybody die as this plays out? General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that Dante will be instrumental in saving Jason, and Jordan will soon be meeting with Ava at the police station to ask her some additional questions. Given those spoilers, it sounds as if the bomb likely will be successfully defused without any injuries.

Billy Miller plays Jason Morgan on 'General Hospital'

Viewers will see Sonny visit Morgan’s gravesite and get emotional as he opens up about all that has transpired recently, and Olivia will be continuing her quest to get her hands on Julian. Ava will be dealing with a lot of guilt as she faces what comes next, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that as the week of March 13 plays out, the mystery surrounding Jake’s time with Helena will be brought back to the forefront again. Elizabeth will be worrying about what happened during that time and how much influence Helena still seems to hold over Jake.

Carly is going to be desperate for revenge as she learns about Liv’s role in Morgan’s death, and Sonny will be formulating a plan soon as well. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Dante will try to talk his father out of getting violent again, but if this is related to Morgan’s death and Olivia’s involvement, Dante’s pleas will likely fall on deaf ears.

Alexis will be worried during Wednesday’s episode, perhaps about Julian’s fate, and General Hospital spoilers share everybody will see more of Kiki and Dillon during the coming shows as well. Jake will reveal some troubling details during therapy, and Franco will try to connect with the boy through their artwork, and it seems that both Elizabeth and Franco will be quite concerned about the boy.

Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth on 'Generl Hospital'

General Hospital spoilers note that Laura will try to get through to Valentin, while Lulu asks Kevin for some help, and Curtis will be concerned about something regarding Andre. Elizabeth will have a special present of some sort for Sam, and Finn’s issues will be causing more trouble for him.

What about Olivia? General Hospital spoilers indicate that the chaos Liv is causing will continue for a bit longer, as spoilers indicate that she’ll be trying to reconnect with Griffin during the week of March 20. Actress Tonja Walker has teased that there are still big twists and turns ahead, and that she’ll continue to air until late this month and viewers will be curious to see how this storyline wraps up.

How far will Liv go to get what she wants, and will all of this drama make it possible for Alexis and Julian to patch things up in their relationship? Can Finn pull his life back together again, and just what happened to Jake during his time with Helena? What happens next with Carly and Sonny as they learn the truth about who orchestrated Morgan’s murder, and can they find a way to work through all that went down with Nelle? General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be an intense week of action and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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