Review Of Kylie Jenner’s New Thick! Clothing: Some Fans Crying Foul Over Sizing

Cosmetics queen and teen mogul Kylie Jenner recently launched a new clothing collection that has a few fans questioning her design decisions.

A couple girls over at Revelist tried some of Kylie’s newest clothing options, and their reviews left a lot to be desired. The authors, both of whom represent different body sizes, ordered several items from Jenner’s new Thick! line.

At first, they were excited to hear the 19-year-old was adding more apparel to her line, but their excitement was short lived once they found out the sizing was limited.

“…when we heard that Kylie was coming out with merch that celebrates ‘all different kinds of thick,’ we were excited — then crushed.”

The authors state Jenner’s initial clothing came in a wide range of sizes, but not this time.

“Unlike her last drop, which offered everything up to a size 2XL, the largest size in Kylie’s new merch was a size XL — roughly a US 14. Meaning that Jess — like a lot of Kylie’s fans — wouldn’t be able to partake.”

Despite the Thick! clothing not being as inclusive as they hoped, the women went shopping at Kylie’s store and purchased a variety of items to review. They purchased things such as the dad hats, hoodies, and sweat pants as they shared their opinions on the products.

One of the authors was discouraged that none of the clothing came in her size as the article continues to focus on the fact that Kylie’s Thick! line doesn’t actually cater to curvier women.

“It makes me really sad that, as someone who is ACTUALLY thick, none of the clothes celebrating that were available to me as a plus-size woman.”

And their reviews didn’t get much better after the shopping trip. One of the authors tried on a Thick! sweatshirt in size small and stated she felt awkward wearing the clothing.

“On no planet am I “thick,” and I feel weird co-opting this description by wearing a hoodie like this.”

She went on to mention the hoodie will set back fans $80, which seemed a bit steep as the details felt “cheap.”

“Quality-wise, this hoodie was thick and warm, but not worth $80 of human money. The THICK! trim up the arms felt like it was hot-glued on. Too expensive for what it is.”

However, it seems the authors couldn’t get past the fact that Kylie’s new Thick! clothing doesn’t include plus-size women as they continued to try on outfits.

“It’s bizarre that merch supposedly dedicated to “all different types” of thickness would be offered in such limited sizing.”

The Revelist writers then called out Jenner for mislabeling her merchandise as she doesn’t seem to be truly celebrating all types of “thick” women.

“If you’re only selling clothes up to a size 14, you’re really only celebrating ONE type of thick, Kylie — the kind that really isn’t that thick at all.”

However, one of the hoodies, the Kylie ’17, does run big in the sizing, according to the article, and the plus-size writer was able to give her review on it. While the hoodie did fit, the writer wasn’t too thrilled about the material, especially given the steep price of $80.

“It was SO THIN! I could almost see my soul through it. It’s more like a long-sleeved t-shirt than a hoodie.”

The rest of their reviews is basically more of the same. The writers try on the flames sweatpants and shirt, which they call “heinous,” and the Kris Attitude T-shirt, which they say feels “cheap.”

They also tried on the jean jacket and said it fit too tight despite being available in XXL.

“It fits like a jacket from Old Navy. I can’t button the lower two buttons, and the right armhole is really snug.”

Given the fact that the denim jacket costs $160, this is not promising for fans to hear about one of Kylie’s signature items. Overall, the Revelist reviews came to the conclusion that Jenner’s new merch simply doesn’t live up to the hype.

“We wanted to like Kylie Jenner’s new merch line, what with the supposed uplifting message — but it didn’t live up to the hype.”

They also had a message for King Kylie: “We look forward to Kylizzle realizing things about what it truly means to celebrate body diversity in 2017.”

Have you purchased anything from Kylie Jenner’s new Thick! line? If so, what are your thoughts on the items?

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]