Pippa Middleton’s Plan To Keep Meghan Markle From Attending Her Wedding

PIppa making rule?

Pippa Middleton’s wedding is fast-approaching and it’s no surprise that rumors regarding who will and will not be attending are still swirling.

From the time Pippa and her beau, hedge fund manager James Matthews, announced they were engaged, rumors of feuds and guest-list-related drama have been making the rounds. Perhaps the detail that initially caused the most talk was as to whether or not Duchess Kate Middleton, Pippa’s older royal sister, would repay the favor and act as her maid of honor, as Pippa had done at the 2011 Royal Wedding.

Rumors of a feud began regarding the sisters that claimed Kate would not be a part of the wedding party at all. However, such claims were put to rest after royal experts weighed in on the issue and stated that there was no feud over the decision that the duchess was not to be in the party. It would simply have been poor etiquette for Kate to take on the role as it would likely result in stealing Pippa’s spotlight on her big day. Source’s have stated that the royal will likely give a reading at the nuptials while her little ones act as flower girl and ring bearer.

However, talk of another beauty stealing Pippa’s spotlight at her wedding has begun. Prince Harry has become quite serious with Suits star Meghan Markle and this has led to speculation that the two will attend Pippa’s wedding as a duo. The latest rumor regarding the prince and Markle involves a new plan set in place by the bride to ensure that Markle is not included in the guest list.

The Mirror relays details about the rule Pippa will be enforcing regarding any plus ones, that will result in Markle not being able to attend the May nuptials.

“Pippa Middleton plans to avoid being overshadowed on her wedding day by trying to stop Prince Harry’s glamorous girlfriend Meghan Markle from attending. Pippa, who is due to marry boyfriend James Matthews in May, is rumoured to have told friends she’ll be enforcing a policy of only allowing guests a plus one if they are married or engaged to their partner, the infamous ‘no ring, no bring’ rule, – and of course, Meghan and Harry are neither.”

Sources close to the soon-to-be-bride state that after seeing the coverage that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received when they attended a wedding of a friend in Jamaica recently, Pippa has decided to avoid having her day ruined by the added attention that would not be on her.

The publication relays the words of the said insider sharing Middleton’s reasons for her supposed plan.

“She saw how all eyes were on Meghan rather than Lara. The situation was also stressful for Harry. Pippa and her mother Carole wonder whether Meghan’s presence could cause a great deal of unnecessary chaos.”

It seems as though Markle and the prince are approaching a big day of their own based on hints that have been dropped and rumors being circulated. The couple has become quite serious and the executive producer of Suits, on which Meghan plays Rachel, has noted that Rachel has to decide between staying at the firm or leaving it for a job with her father, indicating that Markle may be written out of the show to focus on building a life with the royal. Elle shares details about Meghan’s possible exit from the legal drama.

“[T]he 35-year-old is reportedly asking the show’s executives and producers to have her character – who she’s played since July 2011 – written out of the show so she can focus on her relationship in London with Prince Harry.”

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