ROH News: New Champions Crowned At Las Vegas Taping

At the Ring of Honor tapings in Las Vegas, Nevada, new champions were crowned. The ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship changed hands, as Bully Ray and The Briscoes defeated The Kingdom. The trio of Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia, and TK O’Ryan defeated Jay White, Kushida, and Lio Rush, in the finals of the tournament at Final Battle last December.

Now, the pairing of Bully Ray with The Briscoes has proven to be instantly successful, as they are now champions. The sudden title change is believed to be the cause of Kingdom member TK O’Ryan getting injured during the ROH 15th Anniversary pay-per-view. He was replaced at the tapings by Silas Young.

At Manhattan Mayhem, Bully Ray made his surprising ROH debut by saving Bobby Fish and The Briscoes from an attack from the Bullet Club. Bully Ray stated during his in-ring promo that he is with ROH, and it is not a one-time deal. He told For the Win why he made the choice to join ROH.


“At the end of the day, Ring of Honor was the best fit for me because I feel like I can accomplish the most in Ring of Honor. When I say accomplish, I mean from a character point of view for Bully Ray, but also helping move the company forward and helping the talents that are there become better performers. Ring of Honor is a breath of fresh air. They have the best wrestlers in the world. I’m not going to Ring of Honor to wrestle every night. I don’t want to see Bully Ray every single night. If I’m a fan, I want to see Bully Ray tell stories that can lead to matches that draw money. My goal is to help Ring of Honor in that capacity — give Ring of Honor the one storyteller that they might not have had in their locker room for the past 15 years.”

For now, ROH fans will see him a bit more, as he has won his first championship with the company. This title reign now puts Bully Ray in a position where he has now won tag team championships in WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, and ROH. Without looking too far into it, he may be the only person to ever do that.

It will be very interesting to see how this pans out in the coming weeks. Could it set up a big heel turn for Bully Ray? This could be possible, simply due to Bully Ray being such a good heel character that it would cause a great deal of intrigue regarding being one of the top stars of the company. On the contrary, his character as a babyface is also very strong and well-received.


Hopefully, the one thing that he does not do is join the Bullet Club. The group has already become a bit oversaturated, with recent additions of Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, and Frankie Kazarian. Adding Bully Ray to the fold would just mirror the failed nWo model of throwing anyone in the group in hopes to make them look cool. In turn, it just diluted the group more and more.

Bully Ray informed For the Win that he will be in ROH “for now,” which could imply that he does not see the stint lasting a significant period of time. Moreover, at 45, he is in the stage of his wrestling career that competing in a number of matches throughout the span of a week is certainly not preferred. However, his character is strong enough that, even with this sudden injection into the professional wrestling fan base, ROH is receiving more buzz than it has in quite a long time.

Whether Bully Ray will become a top name in Ring of Honor, or he is just there to help the company succeed and push other talent, he is now a ROH Tag Team Champion.

[Featured Image By Ring of Honor]