‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall To Dump His Final Pick, Only Wants Fame

The Bachelor 2017 is rolling toward a conclusion, and the spoilers indicate that Nick Viall will soon dump his final pick and instead make a bid to become a star.

Viewers of this season have watched as Nick pared down the field of women to two finalists — Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates. Monday’s season finale will see Nick Viall make his final pick, but there are rumors that the relationship might not last too long beyond that point.

[WARNING: There may be some potential Bachelor 2017 spoilers ahead.]

Spoilers that emerged even before the start of The Bachelor 2017 season indicated that Nick Viall will be picking Vanessa at the end of the season. Insider Reality Steve pegged Vanessa as the winner, but also said that she and Nick won’t be together all that long.

As Hollywood Take reported, the relationship fizzled not long after the competition ended.

“Reality Steve recently did a Q&A with fans, and he reported that Nick and his fiancee are already having problems. When asked if he thinks Nick’s engagement will last, Reality Steve said, ‘Not a chance.’ Steve added that he, ‘heard some things’ and that the relationship is ‘not great.'”

Reality Steve added that Nick Viall’s third stint on the Bachelor franchise was strictly about advancing his own career. The blogger added that Nick has been taking acting classes in Los Angeles and hopes that the final appearance will catapult him to fame.

There may already be hints of that Bachelor 2017 spoiler coming true. Nick Viall is starting to branch out already, including starting his own line of men’s grooming products.

There are others who have their doubts about whether Nick Viall truly intends to get married. Former Bachelor Chris Soules told Entertainment Tonight that his one-time competitor hopes to make it big in Los Angeles.

“He loves being famous. He loves the spotlight, he really truly does. If he wouldn’t admit that, he’s lying,” Soules said.

But while he admits that Nick Viall is out for the spotlight, Soules believes that Viall might find a way to make a relationship work while still trying to be a star.

“I love the guy to death and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Soules said, adding that a couple can find love while still seeking fame. “The most successful couples are the ones who stay together.”

There may already be hints of the Bachelor 2017 spoilers throughout the year. As Hollywood Life noted, viewers already saw Nick’s family express some concerns about their long-term viability and the two don’t seem compatible for where they want to live.

“Nick and Vanessa have had some serious conversations about what their future would hold after the show and cannot seem to agree on where they would live. Vanessa seems to want to remain in Canada or within easy distance to make it her family’s house every Sunday, but Nick doesn’t seem so sure about that.”

It won’t be much longer before viewers will get to see if the Bachelor 2017 spoilers come true and Nick Viall splits with Vanessa Grimaldi. The season finale airs on Monday, March 13, on ABC, though it might take a bit longer to see the relationship play out. Even couples who end up splitting usually will last at least several weeks, long enough to do the interview circuit and the now almost obligatory Dancing With The Stars appearance.

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