Katie Frates: ‘Daily Caller’ Gets Phone Calls To Fire Editor Over Death Threats

The name Katie Frates is getting plenty of attention on Twitter. Frates, whose Twitter account handle is @TheWorldsFrates, reportedly tweeted and deleted the following tweet. As seen in plenty of screenshots captured from the tweet allegedly published to Frates’ Twitter account on Friday, March 10, at 10:15 a.m., Katie wondered aloud via Twitter how many #NativeNationsRise and #NoDAPL protesters she could run over and hit with her car before she would be arrested. Using a hashtag that told the#NativeNationsRise and #NoDAPL protesters to get out of her way, Katie’s tweet received at least a couple of likes and one retweet before it was deleted from Twitter, but not before screenshots of the tweet could be captured and sent around Twitter, causing outrage and calls for the Daily Caller to fire Katie.

The “Native Nations Rise” hashtag is related to the protests that surrounded the White House on Friday. As seen in the top photo above, a member of the Lakota Tribe danced outside of the White House. The rally and protests were attempts to demonstrate against the construction of the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline — hence the #NoDAPL hashtag that has been made popular on social media.

Meanwhile, Katie’s Twitter account at @TheWorldsFrates is getting plenty of feedback about her deleted tweet, which is being called everything from terrorism to inciting hate crimes by stating that Frates wanted to run over the #NoDAPL protesters with her car. In her Twitter description, Katie describes her position with The Daily Caller, and as such, many people are including the phone number of The Daily Caller in their social media posts. Some folks have reported calling The Daily Caller in order to call for the firing of Frates because of her deleted tweet.

“Editor/Producer @ The Daily Caller News Foundation. Mercy main, cat lover, dungeness crab is better than blue crab . Frates@dailycallernewsfoundation.org/Washington, DC/dailycaller.com/Joined May 2014.”

Reactions to Katie’s tweet are spreading far and wide across Facebook and Twitter, with folks claiming that they have stood up and taken notice of Frates’ words that some say are akin to death threats against peaceful protesters. Others, meanwhile, are agreeing with Frates on Twitter, claiming that they, too, would have run over protesters with their vehicles — perhaps not realizing the hate speech they are promoting.

A sampling of the variety of comments appearing in the wake of Katie’s controversial tweet can be read below, as sampled from Facebook and Twitter. Some of those commenting on Katie’s pinned tweet are asking Frates why she deleted her controversial tweet about running over Native American protesters. Others are advising Katie to think first and have a cup of coffee in the morning prior to tweeting things Frates might regret and delete later.

:” Your hateful ignorant comments have put you on the radar of .”

really???? I mean REALLY??? and

“Trail of Tears is one 2 many. Have a cup of Joe before tweeting. Good run tomorrow. .”

“Hey Katie. Why did you delete your tweet? Are you afraid of ppl saying mean things in response? Do you need a safe space? .”

Sierra Nadeau shared Brandon Lee Stevens‘s post: “Just made my call- please do so too. This is a an act of terrorism and NOT okay.”

Heather Davis-Dominic shared Brandon Lee Stevens‘s post: “SHE SHOULD BE FIRED FROM HER JOB…..”

In the end, a quick and thoughtless tweet has caused plenty of reaction to Katie on Facebook, without a reply from Frates that’s readily findable about the controversy as of this writing. The Daily Caller‘s Twitter account @DailyCaller doesn’t appear to have a statement about Katie’s tweet as of this writing either.

[Featured Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]