Mama June Denies Wearing A Fat Suit, Gets Sick Diss From Ex Sugar Bear’s Fiancee

Mama June Shannon has denied accusations that she wore a so-called “fat suit” during filming of her new series, Mama June: From Not To Hot, and has responded to a very public “diss” from her ex-husband “Sugar Bear’s” new fiancee.

Ever since From Not To Hot debuted, fans have noticed some things that appear a little “off” about the formerly obese star of Toddlers & Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Specifically, some viewers seem to think that “Mama June” Shannon wore a fat suit, facial prosthetics, and perhaps both, in order to overstate just how dramatically she transformed.

As Independent Journal Review reported earlier this month, the first episode of the show was meant to showcase Mama June at her heaviest — her “pre-transformation” self, so to speak. However, observant viewers noticed something a little off about her face.

Besides the possibility of a facial prosthetic to artificially inflate Mama June’s face, other observers believe that there may have been a fat suit in play to exaggerate Shannon’s weight. As Us Weekly reported, Twitter users noticed not only irregularities in her face but also in her hair color. Others pointed out that she seemed to move stiffly in front of the cameras.

That was two weeks ago. So what does Mama June have to say about the controversy now?

As Cosmopolitan reported, Shannon stopped by iHeartRadio’s The Domenick Nati Show on Friday to talk about the fat suit allegations.

“Definitely did not wear a fat suit. I was fat.”

So that puts the matter to rest, doesn’t it? Of course it doesn’t! But unfortunately, in the absence of hard evidence either way – perhaps an admission from Mama June herself, or from a producer, or some behind-the-scenes shots that show the actual fat suit – there’s nothing to do but take her word for it. Or just not believe her.

Fat suit or no fat suit, From Not To Hot is still providing plenty of drama for fans of Mama June and her supporting cast of players who come into and out of her life. As promised before the show even came out, much of the series will focus on Shannon’s relationship with her ex-husband, David Michael ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson. Thompson had cheated on Mama June (off-camera and a couple of years ago), and he’s now moved on to a new boo, Jennifer Lamb.

As it turns out, the two met face-to-face for the first time at a bridal shop, of all places. According to Us Weekly, June and her daughters Pumpkin and Alana came along to the meeting place and encouraged June to try on a white wedding dress right as Lamb walked into the room. After a few awkward exchanges, June let loose with this zinger:

“Well, I would be more than willin’ to walk [Sugar Bear] down the aisle and give him to you, because God always said to let unprivileged people play with your used toys.”

Jennifer then left the shop in a huff, taking a moment to call June a “whale” under her breath as she was leaving.

In fact, the criticism seems to have stung Mama June. Later in the episode, she could be seen tucking into a bowl of ice cream. She later admitted that she was self-conscious about the fact that Jennifer had called her a “whale.”

Do you believe that Mama June has been wearing a fat suit and/or prosthetics to hype up the drama on From Not To Hot?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WEtv]