Meghan Markle Pens Powerful Essay About Menstruation Amid More Engagement Rumors

Not just an actress on the hit legal drama Suits, but also the girlfriend to a royal and a humanitarian seeking to shed light on issues plaguing women in various regions that need attention, Meghan Markle has continued to do her part by penning an essay outlining the harsh realities that face young women in India, for

The beauty recently returned from a trip to India where she chatted with young women in Mumbai and Delhi about the hardships they face. One consistent topic which arose when Markle spoke about importance of hygiene, involved the fact that the majority of women are ill-equipped to face a day ahead in schools and other facilities when experiencing menstruation.

People shared the words of Markle who noted the difficulties expressed by the women and how it impacts their lives on a larger scale.

“I traveled to Delhi and Mumbai this January with World Vision to meet girls and women directly impacted by the stigmatization of menstrual health and to learn how it hinders girls’ education During my time in the field, many girls shared that they feel embarrassed to go to school during their periods, ill equipped with rags instead of pads, unable to participate in sports, and without bathrooms available to care for themselves, they often opt to drop out of school entirely.”

The essay goes on to remind that menstruation is the “most natural thing in the world” and is being treated more like an embarrassment, and a topic that is taboo, thereby causing “young girls’ potential” to be “squandered.”

“To that I say: we need to push the conversation, mobilize policy making surrounding menstrual health initiatives, support organizations who foster girls’ education from the ground up, and within our own homes, we need to rise above our puritanical bashfulness when it comes to talking about menstruation,” Markle continues.

When commenting on Meghan’s manner upon meeting the actress, Thuli Madonsela, a senior South African lawyer, spoke of the star’s intelligence and how her own experiences assist her in relating to those she seeks to help and encourage.

“What struck me about her was her personality, compassion and her brain. She is extremely bright. I wanted to know why she was involved in helping young people to discover themselves. She encountered some forms of discrimination and awkward moments. When she had this platform, she thought it was her job to make it easier for other young people to discover themselves and lead their fullest life,” Madonsela said.

Markle acts as an advocate for the United Nations and visited India on behalf of Wold Vision. She and her new royal beau Prince Harry are both prominent figures in the world of humanitarianism. Harry along with his brother the Duke of Cambridge and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge have put their heads together to come up with the Heads Together campaign which seeks to eradicate the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness. Harry also does a lot of work with military members suffering from mental issues and has started a number of charities relating to these efforts.

The new couple have become a hot topic in the media and are reportedly heading towards an engagement in the near future, although such claims have yet to be verified, as Closer has relayed. There have been a number of clues that the couple are becoming very serious and preparing to set up a life together. One such clue involves talk that Markle may be written out of Suits in the next part of the season. Aaron Korsh, executive producer of the hit series, hinted at this when he shared that Markle’s character Rachel will have to make a difficult choice that may involve her leaving the firm to work with her father. Could another royal wedding happen in the near future?

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