Peter Facinelli Talks Big ‘Twilight’ Twist In ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ [SPOILERS]

Have you seen Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 yet? If not, you might want to click away now. That big marketing push that promised “twists” from the source material was right, and the film conclusion to the Twilight Saga definitely pulled a “Hail Mary” in the end.

For those of you who have seen it and are looking for some perspective, who better to sound off on the “major twist” than one of the actors it involves? Peter Facinelli himself sounded off on the controversial treatment of his character, Carlisle Cullen, in Breaking Dawn 2.

Facinelli, who has played the de facto Cullen family patriarch in all five Twilight films, mostly accepted the twist-ending that saw Michael Sheen’s Aro decapitate Carlisle in a vision implanted by the psychic vampire Alice (played by Ashley Greene), according to Vulture.

Facinelli said:

“Well, when I first read it in the script, I was bummed, because I thought that was it for me! I was like, ‘I don’t get to do any action this time around? I love action!’ Eclipse was one of my favorite movies to do because I got to roll up Carlisle’s sleeves and do action. But then after I read it all the way through, I knew it was going to shock the audience and I couldn’t wait to see their response to this. I feel like it was a really heroic way to go, because he’s going after saving Alice, and I thought if you’re going to go out, better to go out heroic, rather than running the other way!”

So what’s to become of Facinelli/Carlisle’s prop head?

“I hope they send it to me now, and I can put it on my mantle. They don’t need it anymore, right? I wonder what they do with it. I bet you they put it on eBay. I’m going to start looking for it. I’ve never had that happen on film before, so I got to say I got a little misty-eyed seeing my own head in someone else’s hands!”

Did you see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2? What did you think of the twist ending?

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