Even Johnny Depp’s Massive Fortune Can’t Buy Him An Underground Tunnel System

Johnny Depp wants to build an underground tunnel system to connect his five neighboring massive houses in the Hollywood Hills, according to Us Weekly.

Johnny Depp, who last year was named the most overpaid actor in Hollywood, wants his own private compound and the tunnel system to connect his cul-de-sac homes in the Hollywood Hills, according to a source close to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who reportedly spends $2 million per month, including $30,000 on wine.

Johnny Depp’s wishes to have his own tunnel come amid a lawsuit from his ex-business managers alleging the actor is no stranger to big spending. According to the source, Depp has been buying houses in Hollywood Hills “for years.”

“He wanted to build a gate to stop the tour buses from coming up there.”

There is one thing, however, that prevents Johnny Depp from completing his pricey endeavor: the owner of the sixth house is refusing to sell his home to the actor despite the latter’s attempts to offer him “everything.”

For a Hollywood actor who spends about $2 million per month on his extravagant lifestyle, offering “everything” is probably a lot. While it’s still unclear if Johnny Depp will ever complete his dream project, the actor’s lawsuit against his ex-managers rages on.

It was Johnny Depp who sued his former managers for financial misconduct, but they quickly filed a counter suit alleging that he’s the one to blame for his financial distress.

According to the counter suit by his ex-business managers, Johnny Depp allegedly spent $75 million to buy 14 houses around the world and has been spending $30,000 a month on wine.

Last year, the annual Forbes list named Johnny Depp the most overpaid actor in Hollywood for the second year in a row. Depp’s net worth is estimated at about $400 million, while the actor is about to cash in bit time from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which opens in theaters in May.

In his original lawsuit, Johnny Depp accused the company of mismanaging his taxes and alleges the firm’s inability to pay taxes on time resulted in over $5.6 million in penalties and interest on federal returns, according to CNBC.

Johnny Depp further alleges that his ex-managers also paid themselves more than $28 million in fees without asking for his permission.

But there is more than just $25 million in compensatory damages that Johnny Depp is asking for to take away from the lawsuit. The feud can teach other people – celebrities or not – how to prevent financial disaster by always being careful in their financial dealings.

Firstly, it would certainly help to slightly reduce the amount of money Johnny Depp spends per month – at least to $1 million down from $2 million for starters. Second of all, ensuring that Johnny Depp’s financial advisors are working in his best interest and are completely fine with his lifestyle and spending would be equally important.

According to the new fiduciary rule in the U.S., which is supposed to take effect on April 10, financial advisors are required to give their clients advice that puts the clients’ interests first. However, that rule could never come into effect, as President Donald Trump’s key advisors have previously indicated that they would repeal it.

And thirdly, staying on track with his acting career would certainly help Johnny Depp avoid the financial disaster. But it seems that he already knows this, as the actor is preparing for the release of the new film from his iconic Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which will most likely boost his bank accounts considerably.

Johnny Depp has reportedly earned over $250 million for the five films of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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