Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner: Matt Damon Saving Couple’s Marriage, Divorce Off?

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Ben Affleck is leaning on Matt Damon for support in the hopes of saving his marriage to Jennifer Garner, it has been alleged.

Last week, People reported that Jennifer had called off her divorce to the Hollywood actor, with several sources telling the publication that Garner is determined to work on her marriage with Ben Affleck, convinced that the twosome can still save their relationship.

As fans will recall, following the news that Ben Affleck allegedly cheated with the family’s nanny Christine Ouzounian, Jennifer didn’t waste time to issue her husband of 12 years with the divorce papers.

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While it should be stressed that Garner has since denied claims that she split from Ben over alleged cheating affairs, Daily Mail begged to differ at the time, claiming that Affleck reportedly shared a fling with Christine — one that was so intimate, it would even take place when Jennifer was out of town.

Of course, now that Ben Affleck knows his wife is willing to give him another chance to make things right, regardless of what caused her initial decision to file for divorce, the Argo star is getting all the advice he can from Matt Damon to make sure he doesn’t mess this up.

According to Hollywood Life, Matt and Ben are the best of friends who have supported each other through thick and thin. Damon is very familiar with Ben Affleck’s situation since the 44-year-old allegedly spent several weeks at Matt’s home following the divorce announcement from Garner.

Ben has tried his best to get his family back, and now that he’s convinced Jennifer to give him another chance, Affleck is relying on Matt for some much-needed talk on how to keep their relationship as positive as it has in recent months, concerned that he could potentially ruin his chance to make things right with the mother-of-three.

“The one thing that is constant with Ben, though, is Matt Damon, 46. He has leaned on Matt for so many things and they have talked about marriage and family constantly,” a source tells the outlet.

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“It comes down to Ben and Jen wanting to give their kids the best life they can. They just can’t find it in their hearts to fully break up because it always comes back to their kids and their kids’ feelings on the subject of divorce.”

Ben Affleck’s three children with Jennifer is what impacted Garner’s decision to give the relationship another chance. The actress previously told Vanity Fair that she never saw herself breaking up with Ben because she had considered him the love of her life.

In the same interview, the 44-year-old mentions that Ben can make it tough for her to love him at times, using the sun as a metaphor, saying that when the light is shining on the Oscar winner, things are great, but when the light disappears, the complete opposite happens and the romance is in crisis mode.

Ben Affleck has certainly made the effort to overcome whatever issues his marriage had been faced with. He knows that this is his last chance with Jennifer, who has allegedly given multiple chances in the past, having infamously developed a gambling addiction that was also said to have caused another marital problem between the two.

“It is a constant up and down that will only continue,” the insider added. “But as long as Ben talks to Matt about it, Matt always gives the advice of staying together and Ben takes Matt’s input to heart.”

So far, Ben Affleck seems to have impressed Jennifer Garner enough for her to call off the divorce, but only time will tell if the actor has fully won his wife’s trust back.

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