‘Doc Martin’ Martin Clunes Cosmetic Surgery Scandal

In a story that is odd, even by entertainment industry standards, the star of Doc Martin, Martin Clunes, finds himself in a cosmetic surgery scandal. First of all, if Martin Clunes was in the States, and worked mostly in Hollywood, this wouldn’t even be a thing, but he is an English actor, and by no means is he known as a pretty boy. But getting older on camera is a human condition, and not limited to a country or a gender. But the Martin Clunes cosmetic surgery scandal would never have gone public if he hadn’t tried to deduct the cost of his procedure on his taxes.

From an American perspective, this seems a bit ridiculous, but the British press are being fairly harsh on poor Martin Clunes. On his show, Doc Martin, Martin Clunes plays a stiff upper lip doctor in a town called Portwenn (actually, Port Isaac, in Cornwall). Doc Martin is coming to an end, with only two more seasons to go. The show is on ITV in the U.K, and Acorn TV in the United states. So it makes sense that Clunes might want a bit of a refresher to seek new roles. He has commented in the past that by not being classically handsome, he was never considered for leading man roles. So as Clunes is now in his 50s, a bit of Botox, some filler, and maybe a chemical peel might just smooth out some lines and wrinkles, right? Again, in Hollywood, this wouldn’t be a Martin Clunes cosmetic surgery scandal — it would just be a regular trip to the dermatologist.

In Hollywood, not getting a bit of this and that would be odd, but perhaps it’s not the norm yet for male members of the acting community. And now that the Martin Clunes cosmetic surgery scandal has hit the headlines, Clunes is obviously mortified. But the Daily Mail says with the tax situation, something that Martin Clunes wanted to keep a secret is now public knowledge, and fans are debating exactly what kind of cosmetic surgery Martin Clunes had done.


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Whatever Clunes had done, he now needs to talk about it in court, under oath. It seems that whatever was done, he thought it was something critical to his career, and so he deducted it on his taxes as necessary to his career (again, a court of Hollywood actors would given him a thumbs up, and likely suggest another procedure of two).

“Yet it emerged this weekend that Clunes has gone to court to argue for the cost of a mystery treatment set against his income tax, insisting he needed it ‘for the purposes of his acting trade.’ He added that it was ‘intimately connected with his work.'”

It seems the HMRC, or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (the U.K. version of the IRS, and an IRS audit), disallowed the deduction Martin Clunes made for his nip and tuck, saying it was not medically necessary, or even necessary to his career. But sadly for the Doc Martin star, the Martin Clunes cosmetic surgery scandal is the talk of the town, and everyone has an opinion about what he had done

“But what on earth, everyone is asking, has he had done? There’s no doubt his appearance today is somewhat different to just two years ago, with smoother skin, a trimmer waist and whiter teeth, but could that just be down to good maintenance?”

Martin Clunes has said that at the beginning of his career, he wondered if he was going to lose work because of his looks.

“I never intended to be a leading man because I’m tall and odd-looking. And I’m certainly no sex symbol. I’ve always played oddballs or an undertaker or a nasty doctor or a silly flatmate — but not Mr Handsome Saves The Day.”

But the Telegraph says that it is time for men to stop the thinking that like Martin Clunes, cosmetic surgery is such a shameful secret. The Telegraph spoke to men across the U.K., and not those in the entertainment industry, who are having a bit of this and that done. Clark Currie, 51, an engineer from Edinburgh, said he finally decided to give it a go.

“I smoked for years, I was feeling stressed and it showed in my face. I looked older than my age; not at all how I felt. At the time I thought nothing of spending £400 on a new jacket, so I figured I could spend the same amount on my face and feel a lot better for it.”

Clark gave up smoking, had his eyelids lasered, and had filler in his cheeks and jawline and Fractora, a skin-smoothing laser, all over his face, with Harley Street cosmetic doctor Dr. David Jack. Clark says he doesn’t tell everyone, but when a client or friend comments about how well rested or happy he looks, he isn’t embarrassed and shares his journey.


Most London doctors, when asked about the Martin Clunes cosmetic surgery scandal, say that even though Clunes has no reason to be embarrassed, they believe he had Botox to smooth his forehead and slightly raise his brows, and possibly a bit of a freezing procedure to firm up his neck skin. It’s also thought that he might have had a peel to get rid of some of the sun damage on his face.

So, what do you think of the Martin Clunes cosmetic surgery scandal? What do you think he had done? Do you think men should be ashamed of having a bit of work done?

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