‘Yuri On Ice’ Creators MAPPA To Attend U.S. Anime Midwest 2017 Convention

The annual Anime Midwest Convention is expected to have creators of immensely popular Japanese anime Yuri On Ice. The three-day convention will allow attendees to interact with the creative genius behind YOI and hopefully confirm the sequel to Yuri and Victor’s insanely popular love story in YOI.

Yuri On Ice creators have been invited to the annual Anime Midwest Convention in the United States. The organizers announced that the team has agreed to participate in the event and will even have an interactive session with the attendees to answer any questions. Unless confirmed sooner, majority of the fans, however, are expected to have just a single question on their minds: When will Yuri On Ice return for its second season. Despite intense and persistent rumors about Season 2 of Yuri On Ice, neither the creators nor the producers have offered any clue about a sequel.

Yuri On Ice was crafted by anime studio MAPPA (Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association). The studio was founded by Masao Maruyama, who was also the founder and producer of Madhouse. The studio is legendary for its commitment to produce animation of the highest quality. Some of the most notable anime creations that were born in MAPPA include Kids on the Slope, Terror in Resonance, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, and Yuri On Ice.


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Apart from anime series, MAPPA has also been the creative force behind the critically acclaimed film In This Corner of the World. The movie beautifully portrays how a small town of Kure in Hiroshima that is devastated by America’s bombardment during the end of World War II slowly rebuilds itself. The movie was hugely appreciated by the audiences, garnering a few billion yen at the box office. Moreover, critics appreciated the seemingly simplistic but quite complex portrayal of human resilience and emotions. Besides doing well financially, In This Corner of the World earned many accolades including the Kinema Junpo Award for Best Film of the Year as well as the Japan Academy Award for Best Animated Film. Shout! Factory is bringing the movie to North America.

Yuri On Ice creators have confirmed that they strive to select projects and create works that have a broader and more global appeal. The creators added that they wish to take up topics that have the potential to move audiences regardless of age, gender, language, or culture. According to SATPR News, MAPPA Studios is constantly seeking out new challenges and takes an uncompromising stance in their pursuit of new forms of expression through animation.

Despite creating several anime series that have enjoyed a wide fan base, very few creative endeavors have enjoyed such an immense success and that too in a very short time as experienced by Yuri On Ice. Breaking new grounds and beautifully portraying a love story between two immensely talented male professional skaters, YOI has been appreciated not just by anime fans but also by professional athletes, including 2018 Winter Olympics favorites.

Held in Rosemont, Illinois, just outside of Chicago’s O’hare Airport, the annual Anime Midwest convention kicks off in July. The three-day convention hosts all kinds of events ranging from talks with the anime industry to a massive exhibit hall filled with anime merchandise. With the anime fan base increasing substantially last year, this year’s convention is expected to be attended by more than 15,000 people.

[Featured Image by Mitsurō Kubo/Yuri!!! On Ice/Funimation]