5 ‘Supernatural’ Easter Eggs in ‘Timeless’ Season 1

When Eric Kripke’s new show Timeless was announced, Supernatural fans were excited. They looked forward to seeing another sci-fi show from the creator of their universe. Kripke didn’t disappoint fans since he included some Supernatural Easter eggs throughout Timeless Season 1, not including appearances from Jim Beaver and Misha Collins.

The first season is now over, and it’s time to look back while fans wait to hear if NBC will renew it. Here’s a look at 5 Supernatural Easter eggs in Timeless Season 1 that you may have missed.

1: Eric Kripke Kills Another Jessica

This one should have stood out the most for Supernatural fans. When Wyatt Logan shared the reason he was interested in the time traveling mission, he shared his deceased wife’s name as Jessica. Sure enough, this is the name of Sam’s girlfriend in Supernatural – a woman who dies in the very first episode.

Supernatural wasn’t the first time Kripke killed off a Jessica, either. He used the name in Boogyman, too, according to UPROXX. It turns out that the name is possibly of someone who broke Kripke’s heart when he was younger. Writers always say not to annoy them, because they will write you in as a character that dies!

2: The Lifeboat Pilot Is Called Rufus

This is actually likely a nod to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, considering Wyatt and Lucy have the surnames Logan and Preston (the surnames of Bill and Ted). However, the name of the lifeboat pilot is also a nod to Supernatural fans. This is the name of a hunter “friend” of Bobby’s, who appears in Season 3.

Rufus starts off slightly wimpy and is a geek, but he certainly turns into one of the lovable characters of the show. While originally he was recording Wyatt and Lucy and fans had no idea which side he was on, he became a character to root for.

3: A Bar Called Harvelle’s

The Roadhouse was a popular spot for the Winchesters in Supernatural Season 2. It was run by Ellen Harvelle, with her daughter Jo helping. Unfortunately, the bar was blown to bits towards the end of the season, although Ellen and Jo weren’t in there.

In the pilot episode, the time travelers go to a bar to get information to try and stop Flynn. That bar is called Harvelle’s, although fans may have missed the sign due to cutting. It was Kripke’s nod to Ellen and Jo, who were killed off in Supernatural Season 5.

4: The Use of Agent Van Halen

Supernatural fans regularly laugh at the names that Sam and Dean use when introducing themselves. They are always the names of rock band members. Kripke hasn’t changed his style in Timeless Season 1.

At one point, Wyatt introduces himself as Agent Van Halen. Meanwhile, Lucy and Rufus have both used modern names to introduce themselves, with Rufus regularly using celebrity names like Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington. The three have also used the names Costner, De Niro, and Connery as a nod to The Untouchables, but it was also a nod to Supernatural fan references.

5: NSA Agent Singer Gets a Mention

When making a sneaky phone call, Jiya is apprehended by the NSA agent in charge – played by Supernatural‘s Jim Beaver. Instead of apprehending her himself, he calls on Agent Singer.

This is yet another Supernatural reference, but will have far more meaning to fans. Singer was the surname of the character Beaver player. It is also the surname of current co-executive producer (and a man who has been there from day one) Robert Singer.

Did you spot any other Supernatural references in Timeless Season 1? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 12 continues on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. The fate of Timeless is still unknown.

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