Mariah Carey Dismisses Rumors That She Might Be Dropped By Label

Mariah Carey has experienced a few bumps along the way since the beginning of 2017. Leading up to the new year wasn’t a sweet, sweet fantasy either, seeing as she was dumped by billionaire James Packer ahead of their wedding. Yet, the songstress brushed herself off and struck up a romance with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka to prove that she is not one to wallow.

Carey also starred in a reality series based on her behind-the-scenes life. The show helped fans see what went wrong in the relationship between Mariah and James and also revealed when her romance with Bryan began. Mariah’s World footage showed one interaction between Carey and her manager as they speak about the superstar’s sorrow over not having time for Packer.

E! Online shares Carey’s words regarding her relationship with the billionaire.

“I just feel like… I feel bad because I didn’t get to spend quality time with him. I don’t know how we’re gonna be able to put this together because we keep pushing things. I don’t know because I asked him if everything was good…I think he had to get back to deal with his own business. I just wish I had more time to give him, like more quality time to be with him but I really don’t have that right now.”

Mariah’s life has continued to be busy, and her heartbreak was followed by onstage disaster not long after when Carey performed at the New York City ball drop event on New Year’s Eve. It did not go well, as the world has seen, and Carey went on to blame everyone but herself for the terrible performance.

Following this, Mariah released her single “I Don’t,” which was an instant flop and was said to be a breakup track, showing Carey burning her wedding dress in a fire in the song’s video. Rumors have since swirled that the singer might be dropped by her label due to the infamous performance and her recent flop.

However, the diva and her manager are said to have completely “laughed off” such claims as “stupid” and “inaccurate.”

The Daily Mail reminds readers of the false claims shared by In Touch that claimed the star’s label, Epic, was unhappy with Carey’s recent flop.

“The article claimed Epic were having trouble getting hold of Mariah, and that she just sent them her latest single – I Don’t – without communication or warning.[the writer] insisted Epic were ‘very unhappy’ with the diva after the non-album single ‘flopped’, charting at just 89.”

As for Mariah’s new relationship with 33-year-old Bryan Tanaka, things seem to be going splendidly between the two. Initially, there had been some talk that the romance was all a publicity stunt to portray Carey in a better light after being dumped. Even Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon had trouble believing that the relationship was a real one. He expressed his opinion bluntly while on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Elite Daily shared the America’s Got Talent host’s words about the new relationship and how it was portrayed in the reality show.

“First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I’m a producer, so you can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that sh** doesn’t happen. I don’t buy none of that sh**. They like, wrote the story! That sh** is like a soap opera, like, ‘The billionaire doesn’t know, and here’s the handsome young dancer.'”

Carey has made it known, however, that the romance is very real by posting some affectionate pictures of she and Tanaka on Instagram.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]