Big Bang Share Moments Without T.O.P., K-Pop Group Teases Final Video Together

Big Bang member G-Dragon recently shared their bonding moments amidst the group’s hiatus in the music scene as its other member, T.O.P., enlists in the military service.

On March 9, G-Dragon took to Instagram and shared a photo showing his fellow Big Bang members Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung. The trio can be seen hanging out in a restaurant while G-Dragon took the snap through the window. The photo, which was captioned with “My Cuties,” has already gained over 700,000 likes

However, evidently missing in Big Bang’s latest group picture is T.O.P., who recently faced controversies for not being able to attend the basic military closing ceremony.

Fans will recall that T.O.P. temporarily left Big Bang to fulfill his mandatory military service. However, the K-pop idol encountered some issues that prevented him from attending the military closing ceremony.

Big Bang’s T.O.P., who enlisted last February 9, already completed four weeks of training and was scheduled to attend the completion ceremony last March 9 but failed to show up. Apparently, he was the only enlisted soldier who missed the required event and the first celebrity to do so.

According to a report by All K-pop, the possible reasons for someone to miss such a significant event include being sick and having to stay at the army hospital, failing to pass the training and having to re-do it, or being detained in a detention cell.

Apparently, the Big Bang member experienced some health issues that made him unfit to join the ceremony. An official from the Choongnam Nonsan Military Base confirmed to local reporters that T.O.P. remained at the army’s infirmary during the event. However, officials refused to disclose specific details of T.O.P.’s sickness.

The Big Bang member is set to exit from the army base to kick off his two-week training in another camp following his assignment as a police officer at the Gangnam Police Station. T.O.P. will spend the rest of his military service away from the battlefield and remain in a less strenuous department. The oldest member of Big Bang is expected to be conscripted into the military for at least 21 months.

“It’s not about what will happen if I am gone for a while, but more about being positive, (I want to) just do well with what I am doing right now without thinking too much. Let’s have a new start when I come back with that kind of positive mind.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang teased its fans with a clip from their upcoming DVD, titled Big Bang’s 2017 Welcoming Collection. The video will feature scenes from Big Bang’s photo shoot for a calendar and interviews including the so-called “time capsule interview” wherein they share messages for themselves and their avid fans five years from now. Big Bang will also treat their fans with a photo book and calendar.

The video marks the last time that all five members of Big Bang will be together.

“This video probably will be the last video for a while featuring all five of us,” Taeyang said.

It might take a while before the K-pop group reunites once again; G-Dragon and Taeyang will also take part in their military service within the year.

Big Bang officially debuted in August of 2006 and gained worldwide success over the next few years. Big Bang’s single “Fantastic Baby,” which was released on March 7, 2012, brought international popularity to the group, including in the U.S. In fact, the song was featured in an episode of Glee and in the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2.

Check out Big Bang’s big hit “Fantastic Baby” in the video below.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]