Google Hangouts Smart Upgrade For Better Business Viability: Is Slack’s Time Up?

Google says its new video chat tools and meeting scheduling will help improve productivity in businesses. Google wants to improve the whole process of setting the time and place of a business meeting, and even how employees communicate virtually.

This Thursday, the technology giant announced two new features to improve the flow of the organization and holding a meeting: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. “More than half of the employees will work remotely by 2020, so companies need tools that help employees succeed,” Google said in a statement.

“Our customers have told us that it should be easy to connect by video and that the chat has to be more collaborative, so we have evolved Hangouts to focus on two experiences that help unite teams and get the job done,” it added.

For this reason, Google Hangouts is split into Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The former is a new meeting tool that incorporates video conferencing. According to Google, the tool will not need many resources and users would find it easy to use practically from any computer. The feature will also allow conferences with up to 30 people.

Hangouts Meet is available as of Thursday and has versions for not only Android and iOS, but for browsers that too without having to install any plugin or program on the computer. Hangouts Meet seeks to make it easier for participants in a business meeting to connect to video chat. Trying to bring people from a company together with someone outside or someone who does not have a Gmail account becomes, Hangouts used to get quite an arduous task on Hangouts.

With Hangouts Meet everything is done with a simple link that is a URL, which one can share with the participants by email or by an invitation in Google’s calendar. In addition, Hangouts will also create a unique phone number for people who do not have an Internet connection.

The second feature presented Thursday is Hangouts Chat, Google’s bet to compete with Slack or HipChat. This application creates virtual rooms so that the members of a team or the participants in a meeting can exchange files, photos, or just chat. In other words, this tool will help one to create work rooms in chats.

The conversations are also integrated with Google Suite so it will be easy to share it on Drive or in Google Docs content, as well as direct photos and videos that can be viewed directly in conversations. The addition of a search bar in the chat makes the conversation filterable and easy to retrieve the required information without having to manually scroll through.

Hangouts Chat offers functions similar to those that already have Skype, Slack, Dropbox, and Evernote. Among the things that users will have access to are bots, such as one that is activated with the phrase “@meet,” which tracks users’ calendars to find time available to schedule a meeting.

One of the benefits of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat is that being part of Google’s G-Suite business products, they will have more integration with the other offers of the technology giant. This would make it easier to locate files and photos to send, and do other things within the G Suite.

Hangouts Meet is now available to all G Suite consumers, while the Chat application will be available within the developer program. For Hangouts Chat users, Google has announced a trial version of the program for G Suite customers.

In addition to its own applications, Google has also worked with third-party applications to improve tasks and expand opportunities. Applications such as Box, Zendesk, and Asana will be integrated into Google. The company is expected to add more apps over time, seeking to become the benchmark tool for business.

[Featured Image by Programmable Web/Facebook]