Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys Expected To Trade Romo To Broncos Or Texans Soon

The Tony Romo trade rumors seemed to recently get squashed when it looked like the team was going to officially release their longtime quarterback, allowing him to sign with a new squad. Now it seems that the Dallas Cowboys will, in fact, make a trade to send Romo to one of two interested teams. The latest reports have flipped the script as far as what was being mentioned as far as Romo’s release for today which also marks the start of free agency for the NFL.

As reported Thursday afternoon via ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen, sources in the NFL are now saying the Cowboys will make a deal with either the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans. Those are the two teams that have topped the list of potential destinations for Romo to sign with over recent weeks. However, the surprising aspect is that Dallas will try to get what they can in exchange for Romo, rather than releasing him to clear up some salary space. It’s unknown what the Cowboys will ask for in exchange for Romo as of this report.

Denver Broncos want trade for Tony Romo

A trade isn’t necessarily set in stone either, as NFL Network‘s Ian Rapoport also reported on Thursday’s edition of Free Agent Frenzy.

“Right now the Cowboys, I am told, are simply keeping their options open. Not ready to release him just yet. They’re trying to see if they can possibly get some compensation for Tony Romo, now that it’s very clear that the Houston Texans would be interested, the Denver Broncos would potentially be interested, so they want to see if they can get some value for Romo and make sure that, wherever he goes, that it is going to be his choice.”

The latest news makes plenty of sense as owner Jerry Jones has a good relationship with Romo and that’s why he’ll try to make a deal with a team he’s interested in. As Chris Mortensen mentioned in an ESPN video clip earlier, Jones realizes that two teams have high interest in acquiring Romo, so it’s smarter to play the two squads against one another and see what they offer in return. Clearly, the team that can meet the Cowboys’ needs in the deal best will end up with Tony Romo.

The good news for Romo in all this is that he would still head to a team he wants to play for. There had been previous trade speculation that if a non-contender team such as the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, or Chicago Bears wanted to trade, Romo would probably just retire. In the most recent Romo rumors, it was said that currently, the Denver Broncos were topping his list of where he wants to play. However, Houston may make more sense based on their solid offensive line, proximity to where Romo and his family are now, and more of an offensive-minded coach, as well as a great defense.

Tony Romo is third career wins for Cowboys

Over the course of his career with the Dallas Cowboys, Romo has thrown for 34,183 total yards and 248 touchdowns, which ranks him above any other Cowboys’ quarterback. Romo’s 78 wins rank him third overall for the franchise over its history. Super Bowl winner Troy Aikman tops the list with 94 wins for QBs who guided the franchise in the past.

Expect more rumors, trades, and player signings to begin soon. NFL free agency officially begins at 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, so there could be news out of Dallas, Denver, and Houston, as well as many other teams within the next few hours.

Football fans, which team will Romo be better off with, the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans? Will a trade actually happen, or will the team end up releasing Romo anyways?

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