William ‘Bill’ Lester Suff: Riverside Prostitute Serial Killer Loved Sweet Chili

When William “Bill” Suff wasn’t making his favorite sweet chili recipe, California detectives say he was killing prostitutes one by one in Riverside and Lake Elsinore. His story airs tonight on Investigation Discovery’s true crime program Real Detective. The Real Detective episode chronicling William Lester Suff’s case is called “The Riverside Killer.” William Suff is also known as Bill Suff, Bill Lee Suff, and Bill Lester Suff.

Real Detective On Investigation Discovery: Dead Prostitutes Found All Over Riverside

William “Bill” Lester Suff is currently sitting on death row at San Quentin State Prison, according to the California Department of Corrections. He was convicted of killing up to 19 prostitutes in and around Riverside, California, between 1988 and 1991.

Originally from Torrance, California, Bill Suff (aka William Lester Suff) has been living a life of crime since the 1970s, possibly even earlier. That’s when police say that he killed his child, who suffered broken bones and a ruptured liver. The baby, who was named Dijanet, was just 2-months-old. Suff was convicted for her death but released on parole.

Court records say William “Bill” Lester Suff’s wife was also convicted, but her sentence was later overturned.

When he was released from prison, Bill Suff relocated to Riverside, California. But instead of living a life free of crime, he delved deep into a world of hatred and killing. His target? Prostitutes.

William “Bill” Lester Suff: Political Conservative With Deep Dark Secret

Bill Suff liked to lure them, kill them, and then repositioned the bodies to his desire.

  • Most of his naked victims had their private areas exposed.
  • And sometimes, Suff inserted objects inside of them.
  • Even more horrifying, the breasts of some of his victims were chopped off.

It appeared that William Lester Suff actually enjoyed manipulating and mutilating his victims. Authorities say his crimes were sick and twisted. And the brutal killings devastated the families of the prostitutes who felt they had no other way to make money.

Arrest of William “Bill” Lester Suff, The Riverside Prostitute Killer

Several things led to his arrest.

  • Police were able to match carpet fibers, cat hairs, and his DNA to some of the items and samples found at the crime scenes.
  • One woman who got away described the man in the van who had picked her up. She was so struck by Suff’s weird behavior that she was able to get away from him. However, her friend, Kellie Marie, who ended up accepting the job, wasn’t so lucky.

A police composite sketch was created based off of the unidentified prostitute’s description, leading to William Lester Suff’s arrest after a cop spotted him on the street.

A full list of his victims and photos of the crime scene can be seen in this YouTube video. However, keep in mind that the footage is very graphic.

What made William Lester Suff particularly dangerous was that he was a regular guy, just like the man next door. The short, stocky stock employee was a dedicated worker who enjoyed cooking, reading, and writing. The Los Angeles Times described the American serial killer this way.

“Bill Suff answered telephones, sorted mail and assisted customers at John’s Service Center on Main Street. He seemed real nice–he used to buy sodas for all the grandkids.” He was also described as cunning, manipulative, and not unintelligent, but possessed with a volcanic temper and a profound need to dominate women.”

Even now while he is on death row, he appears to be just a normal guy. In an interview with him conducted by Crime Scene Database, Bill Suff revealed some very personal things about himself, such as his love for cooking. (He is known for his good sweet chili.) Bill Suff also talked about his favorite music by musicians such as Garth Brooks, along with his regret about letting the true love of his life getaway.

Learn more about serial killer William Bill Lester Suff and his victims by tuning into Real Detective tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on ID. Another serial killer story aired on Investigation Discovery this week. It was about the case of William Jennings Choyce.

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