Cynthia Bailey Divorce: Why Porsha Williams Is Questioning The Split

Cynthia Bailey has been very open and honest about her feelings regarding her marriage over the past couple of years. Viewers have seen how she has struggled with trying to make her marriage work on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, even though he didn’t seem too concerned about their relationship. While Cynthia struggled to make sense of the cheating rumors, the fact that her husband was living in a different state, and how he kept doing things to question her trust, Peter seemed confident in their marriage. So when Bailey decided to present him with divorce papers, he was shocked.

According to a new Bravo report, Cynthia Bailey had been thinking about filing for divorce for quite some time, as she wanted to move on from her marriage. Bailey struggled to make sense as to why Peter Thomas was opening clubs and restaurants in North Carolina and spending so much time there rather than in Atlanta with her.

And their troubled relationship was the focus on The Real Housewives of Atlanta last season. Porsha Williams did tease that perhaps Peter had cheated on Cynthia Bailey with the girls that worked for him and now Williams is questioning the divorce altogether.

“It’s peculiar because her and Peter are deciding to remain close friends immediately right after the divorce,” Porsha has revealed to Bravo, sharing that she saw something odd in their sudden friendship, adding, “And so I think that’s kind of helping her get through it. So my advice to her was just, ‘Concentrate on Cynthia. Do what you need to do for yourself and your daughter.’ And it’s hard to keep a close friendship with some who you love that much.”

Of course, Williams divorced her husband, Kordell Stewart, back in 2013 after several years of marriage. He filed for divorce behind her back and she was shocked to learn about the divorce on social media. And since things ended so badly between them, Porsha wouldn’t be best friends with her ex-husband.

After filing for divorce, Cynthia Bailey and Peter have gone on vacation together, and they have spent time with their Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars. Many are surprised that they have managed to stay such close friends, especially since they are going through a divorce and splitting their assets. But Porsha only has her own experiences to pull from, and she is praying for Cynthia Bailey and Peter.

“I’m just praying from afar. You know we’re not that close. We did have a moment throughout the season where I did talk to her about divorce and shared some of what I went through to kind of help her,” Williams continues to Bravo, adding, “But I just pray for her. And to me she looks like she’s doing well. She looks like she’s completely over it. She’s excited to turn 50, so I don’t think she’s worried about anything.”

Of course, there’s a huge difference between Cynthia Bailey’s divorce from Peter and Porsha’s divorce from Kordell. After their split, Kordell and Porsha had a public battle, where they accused one another of cheating. Stewart’s sexual preference was called into question, and there were many rumors that he was gay. However, he denied all of the rumors, and he spoke out against stories that Porsha had her own money. He later revealed that he had helped pay off her debts when they got married. Given everything between them, it makes sense that they aren’t best friends these days.

What do you think of Cynthia Bailey’s decision to get a divorce? Are you surprised that they have managed to stay friends throughout the divorce?

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for WCRF]