Kim Kardashian Reportedly Slams Kylie Jenner For ‘Copying’ Her

Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie Jenner allegedly aren’t seeing eye to eye right now after Kylie was accused of “copying” big sister Kim.

According to reports, Kylie’s alleged latest family feud is with big sister Kim as sources are claiming that Jenner has left Kardashian furious after the reality star allegedly accused the lip kit mogul of “copying” her.

A Kardashian insider is claiming that Kim and Kylie’s latest drama stems from Jenner’s seriously risqué apparel which she posted to her Kylie Shop Instagram page last week and shows the 19-year-old baring her butt while pulling down her jeans for what she called the “Cheek Tee.”

But while fans heaped praise on the star for showing some serious skin, Kim allegedly saw red when she saw Jenner’s latest product according to a source close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashian clan, who revealed that Kim and Kylie allegedly got into a major fight over the merchandise.

“Kim flipped the f*** out on Kylie,” an insider told Radar Online of the alleged fight between the sisters, claiming that Kardashian thinks Jenner is “copying” her by showing off her butt, which Kim has become pretty famous for over the years.

Kim Kardashian allegedly thinks Kylie Jenner is "copying" her

“There was already a ton of drama between the two,” continued the source of the supposed fight between Kardashian and the lip kit mogul, claiming that “Kim thinks that Kylie is obsessed with her and that she is trying to be her, which she is.”

Kim and Kylie haven’t commented on their supposed fight or the alleged drama, though this is just the latest in a string of reports to claim that Jenner is desperate for fame and has been using big sister Kim’s path to superstardom as she attempts to carve out a name for herself.

Radar Online alleged just last week that Jenner’s pursuit of money and fame was causing serious drama within the Kardashian and Jenner clan, alleging that Kendall Jenner is also supposedly seriously unhappy with her sister right now.

A source alleged the duo were fighting over money and real estate, reporting that Kylie, who’s the youngest of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, had been telling Kendall that she was going to be richer and more famous than Kim.

“[Kylie Jenner’s] always joking with her mom about how she’s going to make more than Kim [Kardashian],” an insider said at the time of the supposed Kardashian family feud.

The latest report to claim that there’s some serious drama between Kim and Kylie also comes shortly after Kardashian took to Snapchat on March 8 to seemingly make fun of her little sister amid reports they may recently have gotten into a pretty nasty fight over fame.

Kim Kardashian reportedly thinks Kylie Jenner is "copying" her by getting her butt out for a photo shoot

Kim joked about Kylie’s world famous lips using the app and was “clearly poking fun” at Jenner while joking about her lips during a photo shoot according to People, though it’s not clear if their Snapchat exchange was a sign that Kardashian and her sister have now reconciled or if the two really were taking some nasty jabs at each other.

“So I’m doing a shoot with Kylie today, and I want to look like her so I thought, you know, this would do,” Kim said in the Snapchat video of Jenner, which showed North and Saint’s mom playing around with a filter that made her mouth look huge, seemingly to mock Jenner who’s become famous for her oversized lips.

Kardashian and her little sister haven’t spoken out regarding Radar Online’s claims that Kim is supposedly furious with Kylie for “copying” her, though People noted that the sisters’ Snapchat exchange did get “a little personal” amid accusations that the twosome may recently have got into a fight over fame.

While Kardashian hasn’t confirmed the fight report, it seems some fans do agree that Jenner appears to be morphing into her big sister after seeing her latest butt-baring photo.

“Kylie’s whole copying Kim’s look thing is starting to get really psycho. Kylie clearly has some major body image issues,” Twitter user @kimyonceee tweeted amid the “copying” allegations, while @S***itsARIANA hit back, “Kylie only being known coz of her copying Kim.”

What do you think of reports claiming Kim Kardashian supposedly thinks Kylie Jenner is “obsessed with” and “copying” her?

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