‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam, Jason Get Bad News, Liv Uses Ava, Brad Pushes

The chaos continues on Thursday’s General Hospital, and spoilers detail that there are tense moments ahead. Carly and Nelle got into it over all that supposedly transpired regarding the kidney transplant, and Michael is feeling stuck between his potential new love interest and his family. Jason and Sam have welcomed their baby girl, and Olivia is struggling with Anna and Griffin in the General Hospital basement. What’s coming up during the March 9 show?

Spoilers indicate that viewers will see more action related to Liv, Anna, and Griffin as Olivia taunts Anna that the history they share is coming back to haunt Devane. Griffin tried to trick Olivia to gain the upper hand, but things remain dire and intense. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Griffin will soon be making a selfless sacrifice, but everybody will have to wait until Friday’s episode to see that. It seems likely that Liv will get away, surely as a combination of help from Rudge and the threat of harm to Robin and her unborn baby if Anna and Griffin don’t back off, but the drama isn’t over yet.

Maura West plays Ava Jerome on 'General Hospital'

How does this get resolved? General Hospital spoilers note that Liv will be using Ava to bring Julian back to her and when he returns home he’ll see Ava tied up. Olivia will apparently call him and tell him that she has Alexis, and it sounds as if this Liv situation will continue to wreck havoc in Port Charles for a bit yet. As General Hospital spoilers via the Inquisitr previously detailed, actress Tonja Walker originally stated that she’d be departing the show in mid-March, but then she said that she was filming additional scenes and she would air until late March.

Thursday’s episode brings some time with Jason and Sam, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that they will be getting some bad news of some sort. Previews show that Monica will pay them a visit and ask about the baby’s name, and the buzz is that while they will be calling her Scout, the baby girl’s full name will be Emily Scout Morgan, with Emily coming as a tribute to the late Quartermaine. What is the bad news that Sam and Jason get? That tidbit has not yet been revealed, but fans will want to brace themselves for some sort of dangerous predicament coming up for Jason during Friday’s show.

General Hospital spoilers share that Ava and Kiki will spend some time together and it seems that significant progress will be made in smoothing things over in their troubled relationship. Finn and Brad will be butting heads once again over the Zen Zen deal, and GH teasers hint that Brad will throw out a hefty ultimatum of some sort. What will Finn have to do to get out of this mess?

Chloe Lanier plays Nelle on 'General Hospital'

Josslyn will pay Nelle a visit, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will shock Josslyn by saying that they are no longer friends. Not only will Joss be left rattled, and perhaps upset with Carly over this sudden shift, but GH teasers also detail that Nelle will be crossing Michael in some way.

Viewers will also see Carly tear into Michael over the fact that he’s still interested in the Port Charles newcomer who has been intent on destroying her life and fans have a hunch that there is a great deal more drama on the way with this complicated and twisted storyline. General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Jax may well be the key to all of this chaos and the buzz is that Ingo Rademacher will be returning in the role of Jax again soon.

GH teasers have been swirling around that someone will die before this Olivia situation is fully resolved, but will it be Liv herself or will someone else perish? What kind of bad news do Sam and Jason get and how far will Brad go in this situation with Finn? Is there more to come regarding Nelle’s story and how involved is Carly’s ex-husband Jax in all of this? General Hospital spoilers hint that there is a lot more chaos in store for those in Port Charles over the next few episodes and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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