Mitt Romney Drowns Election Sorrows In ‘Twilight’ And Pizza

One would have never suspected Mitt Romney to be a Twi-hard. The former GOP presidential candidate took his wife to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 on Saturday and grabbed a slice of pizza with supportive patrons after the show.

Though Romney missed out on a chance to become the next President of the United States mere weeks ago, he hasn’t quite gone completely into hiding since his election loss. While President Obama is busy charting a course for his next four years in office, Romney has slipped away from the campaign spotlight in favor of activities that regular joes are up to, including taking his honey to see the conclusion of the Twilight franchise.

According to TMZ, Romney and his wife were spotted entering a cineplex in Del Mar, California on Saturday for a showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2. After the show, the Romneys went to a local pizza place for dinner along with two young men, where they spoke with patrons and posed for pictures.

Highlighting yet another dramatic difference between Romney and President Obama, the latter received a special screening of Lincoln last week at the White House alongside several members of the film’s cast and crew.

Romney hasn’t completely disappeared from the spotlight since losing the 2012 election. Though the GOP candidate hasn’t done press rounds yet, he spoke with his donors last week and explained that he lost the race because of the various “gifts” that President Obama promised to young and minority voters. This comment has since proven to be Romney’s final election gaffe, as many politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle have condemned this sentiment.

The deeper question, whether Mitt Romney is Team Edward or Team Jacob, is still unknown. In light of Romney’s perceived flip-flopping on political issues throughout the election, we’d guess that he’s one, both, and neither depending on who’s asking.

The former candidate spoke to donors last week